Rural listening with FEDSVoice

Rural listening with FEDSVoice Federated Farmers has launched its newly updated mobile phone app and website FEDSVoice


FEDSVoice enables farmers and growers to tap into audio recordings and podcasts from Federated Farmers, feeds from top country radio shows from around the world such as American Ag Today and the BBC, as well as a wide range of New Zealand farming shows and podcasts.

"What’s more, FEDSVoice enables farmers and growers to record their own thoughts on hot topics of the day, and we can use the best of that audio to share to a wider audience," Federated Farmers CEO Terry Copeland says.

"It’s a sort of agriculture-focused talkback, you could say."

While Federated Farmers has other communications platforms, including its own monthly newspaper, a weekly e-newsletter, and targeted emails, busy farmers and growers are much more often out and about than in front of their computers.

"On the FEDSVoice app, farmers, family members and staff can line up playlists of reliable and interesting information to listen to while they’re ploughing fields, milking cows, or cooking dinner.

"And if they want to react, instead of typing, they can just tap and talk to contribute their thoughts and knowledge."

FEDSVoice was launched last year but substantial improvements to the app were recently finalised. Existing users just need to click an ‘update’ button, while others can download the app on Android and Apple platforms.

Regular content includes the Federated Farmers President Andrew Hoggard’s 5@5 (five quick-fire topics in five minutes), CEO Terry Copeland’s ‘Weekly Update’, and national manager general policy Nick Clark’s ‘Economic Week’.

"The aim is to continue building on the range of content, including experts in their field offering their insights and farmers themselves connecting with their peers, sharing information, best practices, and supporting one another."

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