New Lemken Thulit harrow

Offering effective weed control in young plants, the new Lemken Thulit is the brand’s first weeder harrow.

Lemken Thulit harrow working in red cabbage

Rounding off the Lemken range of mechanical weed control implements, in developing the Thulit, the agricultural machinery specialist broke new ground to launch this new concept with four beams and eight rows of harrow tines.

Lemken harrow Thulit with four beams and eight rows of harrow tines

Complex spring combinations are replaced by an innovative hydraulic tine pressure adjustment, which ensures that the tines deliver more even pressure across the full working surface. The pressure can be continuously adjusted to up to five kilogrammes while driving. As a result, the Thulit does an outstanding job during sensitive crop growth stages.

The tines are arranged with a line spacing of 31.25mm to help ensure blockage-free work. Stable, true-to-track and wear-free tine bearings ensure optimum weed removal. A straightforward quick-change system makes it easy to replace the harrow tines.

The Thulit features precise and continuous ground contour following with consistent tine pressure, making it a highly versatile implement, even on uneven ground and in ridge crops.

Due to its generous clearance height and clever design that removes the need for the usual springs, it’s almost impossible to find plants getting caught underneath the frame. The flexible hydraulic system further supports width section control within the frame sections to avoid multiple passes across parts of the field.

The tines of the Thulit harrow automatically fold for transport

Minimising the frame weight was a core aim in designing this machine. To achieve this, the number of moving parts was significantly reduced in comparison to similar models, ensuring that the Thulit can also be used easily with tractors with low lifting capacity. The driver has a clear view of the harrow tines during work and, therefore, a constant view of work results. For transport, the tines fold in automatically for an increased level of safety.

The Thulit harrow will initially be available in limited quantities in working widths of six and nine metres in spring 2024.

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