New John Deere software updates

A closer look at the launch of John Deere’s latest round of software updates for Gen 4 Displays and John Deere Operations Center™

John Deere’s latest round of Operation Center updates include turn automation for combine harvesters

The launch of John Deere’s latest round of software updates for Gen 4 Displays and John Deere Operations CenterTM comes at the ideal time for farmers to get more from their equipment this season, with the introduction of turn automation for Combine Harvesters.  

John Deere production system manager Ben Kelly says AutoTracTM Turn Automation (ATTA) will play an important role in simplifying harvester operation throughout harvest 2023–24. 

"Automating the headland turns makes operating the combine easier and more precise. Customers will see consistent, repeated, and optimised end turns across the field, while the operator will experience less stress and fatigue throughout the day," he says.   

"With ATTA, the machine does the work for you, allowing operators to focus their attention on the tasks most critical to harvester operation, like grain loss or grain sample."  
Combine AutoTrac Turn Automation is compatible with Gen 4 Displays and the new G5 Display on X9, S700, and even S600 combines, which were introduced in 2012. 

"Where possible, we want to ensure all customers have access to technology improvements like ATTA, not only because it delivers clear safety and productivity improvements but also because it’s another step in the road to full autonomy, and we want to ensure all of our customers are prepared for that future."  

ATTA for Combine Harvesters is part of the 23-2 Display software bundle that was released in late September. The technology automates the combine turns in the headland and is compatible with the Gen 4 family display with Automation 4.0 or G5 family display with G5 Advanced license. 

ATTA requires a field boundary created with either SF3, SF-RTK, or RTK level signal accuracy and a boundary headland, which can now be easily created in the Operations Center.  
The ATTA feature can support multiple harvesters working in the same field to increase overall productivity while reducing stress throughout the entire harvest season. Three turn types are available to plan and automatically execute.  

Other new features available in this upgrade include Enhance Headland Management Functionality and Grain Cart Enhancements.

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