Väderstad expands factory and increases capacity

Väderstad is set to expand its factory in the town of Väderstad, Sweden by 12,600sqm with the new buildings planned to be in full use by autumn 2024

Two additional housing blocks of 6300sqm each are being added to the existing factory

Two additional housing blocks of 6300sqm each are being added to the existing factory, increasing the total production area to approximately 70,000sqm.

This expansion will complement the new factory centre development completed in 2023 by creating surfaces for assembly and painting and providing an efficient flow through the factory.

2300316 - Factory Center-10 (1).jpg

"The continued expansion of our factory in Väderstad is in line with our growth targets and will create a more efficient flow in production. It will benefit customers and dealers, and provide job opportunities in the Väderstad area," says Henrik Gilstring, chief executive of Väderstad Group.

Väderstad has seen a strong increase in demand during the last five years, recording a 43% increase in turnover between 2017 to 2022. The aim of this expansion is to increase production capacity to 10,000 machines annually.


"Aside from a general increase in demand, we have launched several new products over the last couple of years. Inspire has gone into full production, our Proceed V production will start in early 2025, and we continue to see a large demand for our Tempo planters. The factory expansion will help us meet the future demand for all these products," says Mikael Peiponen, senior vice president of order to delivery at Väderstad.

The Väderstad factory in Sweden produces machines for all global sales regions (except North America).

Väderstad machinery is available in New Zealand through Norwood.

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