Norwood celebrates nationwide volunteer month

In celebration of 70 years in business, Norwood is giving back to communities across the country with the Norwood Volunteer Month.

Throughout August, every Norwood team in New Zealand will be donating a day
of business, using this time to support local charities and community projects in
their region.

As New Zealand’s leading agricultural machinery supplier, Norwood’s 70-year celebration is focused on applauding those who have helped them get to where they
are today.


“We want to give back to the community in meaningful ways,” CEO Tim Myers explains. “So it will be up to the individual dealerships to choose the day and way that they give back. Our teams are a part of their communities, they know them, and they know what will help them the most.

“We’ve decided to spread our community days throughout the entire month, so we can still offer great 24/7 customer support. Farmers don’t get a day off, so it wouldn’t be helpful for us to close down nationwide for 24 hours.

“To see our teams get so passionate and involved with local organisations and make plans to improve their communities is really heart-warming.”

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