Event report: NZ Dairy Expo 2024

With a goal of helping shape a brighter future for dairy farming in NZ, the recent NZ Dairy Expo held in Matamata proved a definite step in the right direction


NZ Dairy Expo event coordinator Amanda Hodgson says this event was a first of its kind, with a focus on being purpose-driven on grassroots NZ Dairy, showcasing essential on-farm businesses.

“We purposely wanted to keep this as very much a niche event and that will remain the goal going forward,” she says.

“Keeping the event free for New Zealand dairy farmers to attend is also important, as we firmly believe that access to knowledge, networking, and resources should be available to everyone in our industry.

“At the heart of the NZ Dairy Expo lies a commitment to addressing the needs and voices of farmers, and we’ve listened to feedback about big field days feeling too corporate and lacking in representation of the diverse range of businesses crucial for on-farm success.”

With approximately 1300 farmers attending, Amanda says feedback from farmers and exhibitors was positive, with both appreciating the opportunity to have relevant conversations with each other.


“Not widening the scope of the event to peripheral exhibitors meant that those who attended were there specifically to find out about products and businesses relevant to their dairy farming business.

“It’s never been about getting thousands of people through the gates. We’re focused on a quality audience with a specific interest in the dairy industry.”

Amanda says a lot of farmers commented that they hadn’t realised the event would be so big and offer so much to see, and many who had allocated a couple of hours to walk around returned on the second day for more conversation with exhibitors.

“That’s very much what we wanted to achieve: an expo that celebrates the very essence of our industry, featuring only dairy-related businesses, both big and small, that play vital roles in supporting farming operations.

“From the local machinery dealer to the family-owned feed supplier and from the innovative tech start-up to the seasoned agricultural consultant, the NZ Dairy Expo is a platform where every business, no matter its size or scale, has a chance to shine.

“We believe in the power of grassroots innovation and the invaluable contributions of businesses deeply embedded in the fabric of our farming communities.”

Matamata has been confirmed as the location of the 2025 NZ Dairy Expo.  

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