The impressive impact of New Zealand National Fieldays

The numbers are in from Fieldays®, with research showing just how significantly the rural event contributes to the regional and national economy

The recent Economic Impact Report (conducted by Dr Warren Hughes of the New Zealand Institute for Business Research at the University of Waikato) shows an impressive $549M in sales revenue for New Zealand firms was generated by the event, with $183M going into the Waikato region alone.


This national sales revenue figure is an increase of more than $50M from last year’s figures. Based on the official event attendance figures for 2019 of 128,747, it shows that each person though the gate contributes around $4,200 to the economy.

New Zealand National Fieldays Society General Manager of Commercial Nick says: “It’s really encouraging to see such great numbers in terms of economic contribution, employment and GDP from this year’s Economic Impact Report of Fieldays.


“We heard from several of our bigger exhibitors that this was a good year for them so it’s great to have this backed up by the numbers.”

The report states that over 2000 full-year jobs have been sustained in the New Zealand economy from the 2019 event with almost 900 jobs sustained specifically in the Waikato region.

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