NZ National Fieldays Buyer’s Guide 2018: Alpine Buildings

Look out for Alpine Buildings and their range on offer at this year's NZ National Fieldays at Mystery Creek in Hamilton

Alpine Buildings supplies a large range of high-quality clearspan buildings and sheds to farmers, contractors, and builders around New Zealand.

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Committed to supplying the fastest and easiest-to-build kitset farm sheds in New Zealand, without compromising on quality, Alpine Buildings is one of the longest established companies in its field, with more than 25 years’ experience.

Why build with Alpine?

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A key feature of the Alpine design is the bird-proof steel rafter system, which has proven its cost-effectiveness and time-saving benefits for many clients. The unique clearspan steel rafter system has been designed specifically for the New Zealand market.

The first company to supply hot-dip galvanising on all standard spans, these rafters are a breakthrough towards stronger, better-looking, and long-lasting sheds.

The timber purlins are simply bolted to pre-welded joist hangers on the side of the steel rafters, meaning there is nowhere for birds to perch or nest in the roof cavity.

Other standout features include pre-dried timber, plumb-cut beams, superb quality control, free delivery direct to the building site, and superior aftersales support.

Alpine Buildings’ team of more than 20 staff is dedicated to delivering top-quality service and will even arrange the building consent for you.

Alpine Buildings construction

Alpine Buildings has a proud track record of structural success, with Alpine structures designed and engineered specifically for the wind and snow loadings at customer’s specific sites.

Alpine’s commitment to safety, strength, and reliability is second to none and great pride is taken in supplying the highest quality products available.

All timber is H3.2 tanalised or greater, and poles are H5 treated for 50 years’ protection. Timber roof purlins are stacked to dry for around six months before packing into a kitset, making it a lot lighter, easier, and safer to build with.

Compared to all-steel sheds, the strong timber framing provides a quieter and more temperature controlled environment. Many builders buy directly from Alpine because of the time and money saved. Once building consent is approved, the shed can typically be delivered within two to three weeks.

Everything is already done when an Alpine shed is supplied. The kitset pack turns up directly to the site with not a single screw missing, thanks to Alpine’s vigorous quality control and triple checking procedures. The kitset sheds are well organised and easy to set up.

A West Coast farmer who recently bought his 13th Alpine kitset shed sums up Alpine: “We love putting up Alpine sheds. They are tidy, very well-organised, on time, well-priced, no-problem sheds. They’re great sheds and good people to deal with, too.”

Few would argue that proven durability combined with world-class engineering and innovation have earned Alpine Buildings the reputation as one of the best building investments you can make – the reason so many people choose Alpine. 

For more information, visit the team at sites E88/E90, call 0800 428 453, or visit alpinebuildings.co.nz.

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