Ohaupo Tractorpull 2019 results

The annual Ohaupo Tractorpull is a great afternoon where contractors from the area discuss the highs and lows of the maize season

The weather took Fielday’s warm-up a little too seriously bringing a heavy shower just before pulling was due to start.

Winner Logan Ashford with his MF 7624 8.5-10

The annual Ohaupo Tractorpull comes in between the end of maize and New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays®. It’s a great afternoon where contractors from the area discuss the highs and lows of the maize season.

Hautapu Welders kindly supplied the scoop to take the topsoil off to reveal the clay to pull on. The boys from Jackson Contracting bought the weighbridge over to place all competitors in their weight class. The Central Tractorpull team got the sledge working perfectly the night before so it was ready to run.

Winners of the day

The forecasted rain didn’t turn away the 40 plus competitors who were up to the challenge of taking home the big first place. The rain made the 0 to 6.5T class work for their meters.

The 2wd Pre 85s showed how the weather doesn’t affect the modern day 4wd tractors where Matt Avery used his large back tyres on his 4630 John Deere to find the traction and speed to take it out. Shaun Luxton’s 6115M got the edge over Wally Sinton’s 6125R in their well-spirited rivalry.

Surprisingly, the clay track came back quickly after the rain stopped and the 6.5 to 8.5T class came in bringing some good competition with experienced operators having to fine tune their tractors for the track. Stefan Cook had his Deutz pulling well showing the sidewalls flex on the big 710s taking home the third place.

Matt Avery Pre 85 with his his 4630 John Deere

Kris Grant had his Fendt 718 that has a history for winning tractorpulls and brought home second behind Zach Walling in a Massey Ferguson 7718, which found an extra tyre cleat or two in the final.

The 8.5 to 10T class had a range of colours in it but it soon got left with Matthew Carey in a Fendt 820, Logan Ashford in an MF7624, and last year’s Fieldays winner Will Green with the MF7724.

Paul Matthews’ old Inter tractor is always a good sight to watch when it’s not feeding out

Logan took it out by less than a metre over the other two. The distance between the first and the third in the 10 to 12T class was 1.02 metres where Curtis Long with a JD 7230R and  Daryn Bennet and his Fendt 824 were hot on Mitch White’s tail with his Puma 230cvt taking out the win by 0.35 metres.

James Greenhalgh and Luke Carey both bought along two big 900 series Fendts with Kelvin Lillington trying out the new JD 7250R. Luke and his straight-piped 930 took out the win weighing in at just under 15 tonnes.

Hautapu Welders’ did a great job of stripping the topsoil

There is enough time to have a pull before Fieldays so if you’re keen, get in touch and have some practice before the big day where everything is on show and bragging rights are at stake. Fieldays is on from 12 to 15 June this year and sees the weight transfer and weight-adjusted competition over four days running over 70 tractors throughout.

The weight-adjusted competition are knockout sledge races held on the outside two lanes, which is a straight-out race to the finish. The transfer sledge will be held in the centre lane running all the weight classes, with the crowd-pleasing Pre 85 and modified classes running at 9am, noon, and late afternoon daily. Until next time, stay dry and keep them wheels above ground ready for pulling.

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