Trailer feature: Pinto trailers

New Zealand-owned for 43 years, Pinto Trailers is synonymous with quality, New Zealand-made trailers that stand the test of time

Pinto Trailers are a widely recognised leader in the trailer industry. Proud new owners, Ryan and Katie McAra were attracted to Pinto by its reputation of quality product range and strong brand awareness.

Having been a customer of the brand in the past, Ryan was aware of the Pinto reputation for quality and longevity. When going through the decision and process to purchase, Katie noted that it was soon evident that everyone had a Pinto story and knew the brand well.


“As new owners, we love getting to meet our loyal customer base, hear about how the trailers have been used over the years, and see them still going strong decades on.” 

Pinto is clearly known and loved by its customers and for good reason.

All Pinto trailers come with a 10-year warranty, a testament to the confidence behind the build quality.

The brand stakes its own reputation on the premium quality of the trailers it manufactures and sells to customers throughout New Zealand. 

Katie and Ryan McAra

To ensure the high quality of all trailers in the range, the trailers are fabricated with strong New Zealand black steel, hot dip galvanised, and built using quality sourced local components and materials. 

The trailers are crafted by experienced Kiwi welders and fabricators who have more than 130 years combined experience in the industry. With an impressively experienced team and owners, Pinto trailers are designed by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders.

Pinto has a wide range of standard single-axle and tandem trailers, for both residential and commercial use. With the introduction of larger, more powerful tow vehicles with higher tow ratings, there has been an increase for commercial trailers and equipment trailers.

Larger flat decks, equipment trailers designed to move excavators, scissor lifts, forklifts, and other specialist construction equipment are a fast-growing industry that Pinto is well positioned to cater to. 

“As manufacturers, we specialise in designing and engineering trailers to suit everyone’s needs. We enjoy inviting customers to our Penrose branch to discuss their requirements and customise and add accessories to their specifications,” says Ryan.

BBQ promo trailers have been a sell-out this year with companies looking to provide a point of difference in their service and customer experience.

“There’s nothing like having someone turn up to serve some snags and bacon and egg sammies,” says Ryan. 

Pinto trailers use only the best locally sourced parts and equipment on their trailer builds, which gives customers the confidence that their trailers will last the test of time.

“We have the experience and knowledge to service Pinto trailers, even the originals.

All Pinto trailers come with a 10-year warranty

“The company has been around for decades. We often receive Pintos that were built more than 30 years ago for a check and a service. We’re proud to have the parts and expertise to still work on them when they come in.” 
Having produced trailers for more than 40 years, Pinto remains a leader in the New Zealand trailer industry.

“There have been many changes in the industry with the introduction of imported trailers, often claiming they are assembled in New Zealand when they are produced offshore and imported here with imported parts,” says Ryan. 

He encourages everyone to do their homework when purchasing a trailer. 

“Make sure you inspect the product, ask for a factory tour to find out where the trailers are produced and not just assembled, compare reputations and what warranty is offered, and make sure you’re comfortable that your hard-earned money is going towards an investment.

“We have a wide range of trailers from light domestic through to commercial, transport, and specialist equipment trailers, bespoke box BBQ, promo trailers, and custom trailers. So whether purchasing one economy trailer or 10 large flat decks, we’re here to help manage the process of purchasing a trailer throughout.

“It’s more important now, more than ever, to buy quality New Zealand products that are proven to stand strong and last the test of time. but one thing always stays true, quality always wins.”

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