Trailer feature: Farmec Trailers

Pinto Trailers are a familiar sight on New Zealand roads and on farm and lifestyle properties

New Zealand-owned for 43 years, as well as being designed and made in New Zealand, the Pinto brand really does stand the test of time.

The end of spring and lead-up to Christmas is traditionally a busy time for Pinto Trailers, with an influx of requests for rubbish cages, stock crates, trailer bike bars, H racks, and trailer covers.

The Pinto team is well prepared for the season, with a good supply stock of trailer accessories ready for summer jobs and adventures.

Trade 8x4 w h-frames (1).jpg

Fortunately, Pinto Trailer designs offer the flexibility to add these popular accessories at any stage, making the trailer more versatile and allowing it to serve multiple purposes.

Pinto Trailers rubbish cages are a four-piece construction and can be easily installed by one person. When not in use, just remove and flat pack or lean against the shed.

Similarly, Pinto Trailers stock crates embrace the same versatile approach. They feature an incorporated sliding gate for effortless stock management. An extra gate can be added internally to separate animals in transit, and either a full road cover or front cover can be fitted to protect animals as well.

“We find a lot of our clients use their trailers as a daily workhorse, an integral part of the team, and on weekends, they’re just as valuable, being used to help a neighbour or carry the family gear on holiday,” says Pinto Trailers owner Ryan McAra.


“Adding a set of H bars to your trailer makes carrying longer loads like kayaks or timber easier, while still allowing you to load the trailer without having to drop your tailgates. There’s also the option to add a cover and bike bar to create a safe, covered space for your gear.

“We’ve got heaps of gear in stock now to help make the most of your trailer, so get in touch with our team or jump online and check out the range. Don’t have a trailer? We can help you with that too!”

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