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From cleaning irrigation systems and water troughs to removing algae build-up on fences and pathways, a water blaster is a versatile tool

In the world of farming, where every task demands efficiency and precision, there exists a silent hero — the water blaster. Often overlooked but undeniably essential, these tools are the unsung champions of farm maintenance and cleanliness.

From cleaning irrigation systems and water troughs to removing algae build-up on fences and pathways, their versatility knows no bounds.

Winter on the farm brings its own set of challenges, from mud-caked equipment to stubborn build-up on farm buildings.

The water blaster is ready to tackle even the toughest dirt and muck with its powerful jet of water. Whether it’s cleaning tractors, sheds, or the milking yard, these tools make quick work of winter grime, ensuring that your farm remains in top condition.

With the ability to clean feeding areas, milking parlours, and animal enclosures effectively, water blasters play a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of our livestock. By keeping their living spaces clean and free of harmful pathogens, we can minimise the risk of disease and maintain high standards of animal welfare. In addition to their practical benefits, water blasters also offer environmental advantages. By using water as the primary cleaning agent, they eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable farming practices.

The ToolShed has a range of petrol-powered water blasters fit for the agricultural lifestyle, with pressure ranges from 2200 to 3600PSI and a maximum of 20LPM water flow. These beasts are fit to blast away all the muck and dirt accumulated throughout the year in the cowshed and yard. There are also two electric-powered models that are perfect for cleaning around the home and washing down the ute.

Water blasters are heroes when it comes to farm maintenance. From battling winter grime to maintaining hygiene in livestock management, their versatility and reliability make them indispensable tools for farmers across New Zealand.


Maximum pressure2200PSI3000PSI3200PSI3600PSI
Maximum water flow7.5LPM10LPM14.5LPM20LPM
Motor Size5.5hp7hp9hp13hp

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