Profile: Stackpro hay trailers

StackPro hay trailers by Anderson Group are fast finding favour with farmers across the ditch

Built to collect and stack bales at speed

With large quantities of hay produced around New Zealand and Australia, any machine that can help with the loading side of bales is worth a look. Across the ditch, Anderson Group’s Stackpro hay trailers are built to load hay bales quickly and in heavy quantities.

Able to carry 16 jumbo bales at once and unload them at a 90-degree angle, Anderson Group’s Stackpro 7200 hay trailer is built for the serious hay grower.

Both the Stackpro 7200 and its smaller sibling, the Stackpro 5400, are built to easily collect and stack square bales at a high speed.

Weighing about 20% more than their nearest competitors, (10.1 tonnes for the 5400 and 11.3 tonnes for the 7200), the Stackpro is built with a robust design to enable it to endure extreme conditions, while the high speed ensures smooths transitions and easy transport.

The giant workhorse capabilities of the Anderson Group’s Stackpro hay trailer are evident

Burder’s Anderson sales specialist Joe Mancini says the Stackpros have a “quite unique” pickup system – picking up the bale in the same position as it comes out of the baler.

“Secondly, it actually has grabber arms that grab the bale and takes it off the ground,” he says.

“Some other systems have chain-driven platforms that run into the bale, and the chain makes its way up the platform and picks up that way. That has a tendency to actually skip the bale on the ground for a while before it picks up,” he adds.

The Stackpro’s loading process is fully automated. The driver only has to use the Danfoss touch screen to input how many bales there are to be loaded and their dimensions.

“The operator only has to guide the trailer to the next bale,” Joe says.

The Danfoss touchscreen is also equipped with a ‘customer follow-up’ menu, which tracks the number of bales loaded per field or per customer.

Operating best with tractors of 175hp or over, the Stackpros also have loading arms able to support bales up to 1100kg in weight without damaging twine and comes with a lubrication-free pivot system that makes it virtually maintenance-free.

Anderson products are distributed exclusively in Australia through Burder Ag Attachments, which also provides product owners with spare parts, service, and support, including through Anderson’s trouble shooting app, available on all smart devices.

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