Profile: Strautmann Magnon 10-430 loader wagon


A recent visit to see a demo of the Strautmann Magnon 10-430 loader wagon at D. Thompson Contracting Ltd, based out of Invercargill, reinforced the strong legacy the brand has in NZ

The Magnon 10-430 is a self-loading forage wagon boasting 42 cubic metres and is the most compact machine in the range, which also includes the Magnon 10-470 (46 cubic metres) and the flagship Magnon 10-530 (52 cubic metres).

The Magnon range brings the proven high throughput and consistent cut length Strautmann is known for, along with efficient and fast loading and a more compact design with the new moving headboard.

Magnon series

The Magnon series is Strautmann’s premium forage wagon, designed for the large-scale farmer or contractor who demands high output and efficiency, particularly relevant when dealing with the challenges of today’s financial and environmental climate.

The Strautmann Magnon offers high harvesting performance and high discharge speeds

Strautmann forage wagons can be used in a range of forage harvesting tasks, such as grass silage, lucerne, oats, hay, straw, or cut and carry operations. The wagon can also be used as a chaser bin alongside a forage harvester or for carting woodchips throughout winter, with a walking floor for unloading in barns where height is limited. This versatility ensures it’s a high-value piece of machinery year-round.

Strautmann legacy

Strautmann is a family-owned machinery manufacturer based in Bad Laer, Germany, now being managed by the fourth generation. Strautmann offers a wide range of machinery from mixer wagons, effluent spreaders, forage wagons, tip trailers, grain trailers, walking floor trailers, self-propelled mixers, silage grabs, and biogas mixers. The machines are well known and respected throughout New Zealand for their durability and throughput and prove popular with both farmers and contractors.

An eye-catching Strautmann duo from Daryl Thompson and his team at
D. Thompson Contracting Ltd, Invercargill

Strautmann Hopkins, the New Zealand importer of Strautmann products, boasts an impressive legacy of 41 years, with the third generation now involved. With a dedicated dealer network, they provide support for the sale and service of Strautmann machinery throughout New Zealand. Based in Palmerston North, where the family resides, their headquarters serves as a hub for a majority of importing, assembly, and distribution of spare parts, alongside offering technical support.

There’s a large inventory of spare parts for the range of Strautmann machines kept in stock, something the Hopkins family prides themselves on, as they continue to grow with the expansion of the Strautmann range into new series.

Strautmann Hopkins offers a range of Strautmann machines from 24 cubic metres to 52 cubic metres in the loader wagon series for small farmers, cut and carry operations, or large-scale contractors. Mixer wagons range from four cubic metres to 45 cubic metres, allowing farmers to accurately weigh and feed their stock with a range of options and discharge systems to suit feeding requirements. Rounding off the range is a line-up of effluent spreaders that range from 7.5 cubic metres to 28.3 cubic metres, offering up to 24-metre spread widths and dynamic weighing systems.

Magnon pickup

On the week we visited D. Thompson Contracting, the Magnon 10-430 was hard at work and one of the first things we took a look at in-depth was the pickup. With its innovative widened 2.25-metre Flex Load pickup, there’s minimal wear and tear, thanks to the plastic tyne system, stating 50% less wear as steel on plastic. These tines are hard enough to pick up swaths but also flexible enough to adapt to the ground conditions, minimising wear and contamination.

Adding to this, the camless and hydraulically driven pickup adapts to travel speed or can be set manually by the operator, again with the end goal of reducing wear (and maintenance, thanks to fewer moving parts).

The plastic tines are horizontally flexible and vertically rigid for safe pickup

In terms of serviceability, the plastic tines can be changed with one tool, as only one bolt is required for removal. Plus, the tine can be changed without touching the pickup bands.

The double-drummed crop roller helps to evenly intake swathes, which, in turn, helps to spread lumps. Strautmann Magnons can also be fitted with an additional sensing wheel behind the pickup to help with the pickup travel over uneven terrain.

Continuous Flow System

Strautmann’s unique Continuous Flow System CFS) increases throughput as the swath is evenly spread across the full width of the rotor using the special welded spirals. The roller accelerates the swath from the pickup, maintaining a constant feed to the rotor and ensuring smooth crop flow without stagnation, thereby preventing feed jams.

Strautmann’s proven Continuous Flow System

Due to the CFS roller, the higher positioned rotor allows for a shorter conveying channel and, therefore, reduced power requirements. This means faster loading and more weight packed per cubic metre across all forage types, with less power required and less diesel used. A definite win-win situation

Due to the CFS roller, the higher positioned rotor allows for a shorter conveying channel and, therefore, reduced power requirements. This means faster loading and more weight packed per cubic metre across all forage types, with less power required and less diesel used. A definite win-win situation.


The Strautmann Magnon 10-430 has a new integral rotor, with an overall width of 2.1 metres and a conveying width of 1.75 metres. With eight helical tine rows, wide swaths are compactly conveyed to the bin with low power required. The rotor is fitted with integral augers on either side to bring the material in from the widened 2.25-metre flex load pickup to ensure uniform cutting, even on the sides of the rotor.

The integral rotor has eight helical tine rows and internal augers

Welded-on tine plates ensure permanent precise cutting, with special armouring on top of the tines for anti-wear protection. The Magnon rotor is driven via the oil-bathed gearbox and planetary set integrated into the rotor (reduction of speed only shortly in front of the rotor, therefore, lowering torque load on the powertrain).

Exact Cut

The Exact Cut knife bank is a proven system available on the whole range of Strautmann loader wagons (excluding the Ambion). The Strautmann Magnon is fitted with 48 double-sided knives for double the service life or quick-change of knives during a job.

The Exact Cut 48-knife cutting unit and efficient charging, thanks to the unique CFS unit

With a theoretical cutting length of 35mm, the almost maintenance-free design reduces downtime and maintenance costs. The central knife-locking mechanism enables quick knife changes, while the Exact Cut automatic wayback system ensures consistent cutting quality and efficiency, as the operator can load without having to stop. Magnons are fitted with buttons outside of the cab, so the knife bank can be retracted for servicing and the drawbar can be repositioned for easier hooking up of the machine.


Boasting a solid all-steel superstructure with easy access side door, the new hydraulically swivelled front panel allows for optimum compression. When the machine is completely full, the headboard automatically moves forward fully (or it can be set to three stages on a timer by the operator depending on the crop).

The new moving headboard allows for an extra capacity of five cubic metres in the front of the machine but in a more compact design, as it’s shorter than its predecessor. This comes standard with automatic loading through deflected feelers on the front grill, from which the operator can adjust the compaction of the load on the fly.

The solid all-steel superstructure has contianuous side panels with reinforced side posts

A standard steel floor with low-wear dual plate steel chains driven via twin powerful hydraulic motors allows for fast unloads, even with heavy crops. Dosing units can also be fitted for even silage discharge. This improves the compression of stacks to ensure a perfect silage ensiling process and maximises quality.

There are a range of different specs available for customising each machine. LED light strips are standard inside the bin for loading and unloading during the night. Rear twin LED lights for reversing and unloading are also standard, with optional extra LED lights beside the knife bank for improved vision for servicing or assisting when navigating the machine around tight laneways at night, etc. Folding mesh covers can be fitted to cover silage for transport, minimising losses or lighter crops blowing off during road transport.

A range of cameras can be fitted inside the bin for optimum loading or on the rear for reversing.

The Magnon range comes standard with tandem hydraulic suspension on the 10-430 and 10-470, whereas the Magnon 10-530 is standard with tridem hydraulic suspension. This is optional on the 10-470.

A truly versatile trailer ideal for NZ conditions. Fendt 828 Vario supplied by Graham Laidlaw of B&R Contracting, Invercargill.

A range of steering options are available: passive steering on tandems and the optional extra of SES (Strautmann Electronic Steering) or hydraulically forced steering. Steering options reduce excessive friction on wheels on the ground and make them easy to manoeuvre with an 18-degree steering angle. The SES or forced steering allows for steering in both forwards and reverse for less tyre wear and improved manoeuvrability and safety.

Strautmann Magnons have a range of tyre options available from 710/50R26.5 to 800/45R26.5. These tyres ensure low ground pressure and help significantly minimise rolling resistance and consequently, reduce the pulling power required and improve stability.

This Magnon 10-430 has been fitted with accurate weigh scales through PTM. This allows loads to be weighed without the need for a weigh scale platform on-site — particularly useful if farmers want to know the tonnage harvested.

In cooperation with Müller Elektronik, the Magnon CFS control system has been fundamentally redeveloped. The software is divided into three operating modes: Loading, Road Travel, and Discharging. Depending on the mode selected, the driver has the functions most frequently required for that particular job directly at their fingertips.

Many additional automated features are also integrated into the control software to further reduce the workload on the operator, such as automatic drawbar height and suspension, headland management, automatic headboard positioning, automatic covers, automatic inoculant application, and more. These functions can be individually switched on or off by the driver.

The control terminal is ISOBUS compatible so if the tractor is ISOBUS-ready, the machine’s functions can be applied to the armrest/joystick of the tractor, making it more user-friendly.


The Strautmann Magnon really comes into its own when dealing with short weather windows. With the increased throughput, more silage can be harvested and carted in less time due to the unique design of the CFS and conveying unit.
Higher quality silage is made due to the clean picking up of the Flexload pickup and the precise and consistent cutting of the exact cut knife bank. This combination allows for more tonnage to be carted per cubic metre, with increased efficiency and less diesel consumed. This certainly matters in terms of contributing to that bottom line, making it both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option compared to forage harvesters or bales.

Key features

  • Strautmann Magnon 10-430
  • 3.9m high, 9.9m long, 2.81m wide
  • 11.1T
  • 190hp required
  • 42m3 DIN (78m3 medium compression)
  • Exact Cut knife bank, 48 knives, theoretical cut length 35mm
  • Flex load pickup, 2.25m wide
  • Hydraulic suspension with SES (Strautmann Electronic Steering)
  • 800/45R26.5 Vredestein Tracs
  • BPW axles with combination brakes air/hydraulic
  • Drawbar suspension
  • Weigh scales
  • Full LED light package
  • Flashing beacon
  • Steel floor
  • 90mm extensions
  • Electric connection for additive pump

Optional extras

  • Passive steering or hydraulically forced steering
  • Hydraulic tridem axle suspension standard on Magnon 10-530, optional on Magnon 10-470
  • Hydraulic folding mesh covers
  • Camera systems in both rear and cargo space
  • Dosing unit
  • Maize covers
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