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Farm Trader takes a closer look at the the new Väderstad Tempo precision planter

The wider Tempo precision planter will be well suited to broadacre cropping, according to one of its Australian distributors.

The Tempo L series is available in a wide range of mounted and trailed models

Swedish seeding specialist Väderstad has released what it says is the largest version of its Tempo precision planter to date, with the model expected to arrive Down Under later this year.

With an operating width of 12 metres, the L32 is as wide as the next biggest unit in the range, the L24, but has 32 row units on a fixed 375mm spacing compared to the 24 units on a 450-800mm spacing offered by its predecessor.

The closer spacing will make the Tempo L32 ideal for planting a wide range of winter and summer crops, including cereals, pulses, canola, and maize, Väderstad product manager for Australian distributor Claas Harvest Centre, Murray Tuck, says.


“However, every second row of the machine can be hydraulically raised and disengaged, effectively doubling the row spacing,” he adds.

“This feature means producers can easily switch from planting canola or soybeans on a 375mm row spacing to say, planting maize on a 750mm row spacing.”

The Tempo L32 features a 3000-litre on-board seed hopper but is designed to be used with a trailed air cart, such as the Claas Harvest Centre-distributed Seed Hawk 660, which holds up to 23,000 litres of seed and fertiliser in three separate bins.

Fertiliser can be applied 7cm beside the seed furrow or with the seed in the furrow.

Ranging from three to 12 metres wide, the Tempo L series is available in a wide range of mounted and trailed models with adjustable row spacing and fertiliser options to suit all planting requirements.


All models feature Väderstad’s patented ‘PowerShoot’ technology, which controls the delivery of the seed all the way to its placement in the soil, eliminating the effects of gravity, vibrations, and slopes.

Recent improvements include the addition of optional hydraulic weight transfer and floating row cleaning systems.

“The ability to increase or reduce pressure row units enables the operator to precisely adjust the machine to field conditions, thereby ensuring an even seed depth and uniform crop emergence,” Murray says.

The floating row cleaner also adapts to field conditions he says, with its parallel linkage mount enabling it to follow the ground precisely.

The row cleaner is fitted with a self-cleaning rubber wheel, controlling the depth setting of the spiked row cleaner disc and matching the planter’s speed and precision.

An optional small seed kit includes suspended stop wheels to produce an optimal seed-to-soil contact.

The closer spacing will make the Tempo L32 ideal for planting a wide range of winter and summer crops

In addition, the angle of the closing wheels can be easily adjusted to provide a good closing of the seed trench at shallow planting depth.

All functions of the Tempo and any attached implements are controlled using the user-friendly Väderstad E-Control iPad inside the tractor.

But the Tempo can also be equipped with ISOBUS Task Controller, which enables GPS-controlled variable rate application and automatic section control.

Murray says the unit will be a perfect fit for controlled traffic farming systems in Australia.

“Tempo plants by individual seed, which can significantly reduce sowing rates whilst maintaining excellent emergence,” he says.

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