Property maintenence advice: tractor attachments

Six of the best tractor attachments for farm property maintenance

Keeping your farm property in pristine condition requires effective equipment. The right tractor attachment can significantly enhance yard maintenance capabilities. By understanding the benefits and applications of these versatile attachments, yard maintenance routine can be revolutionised, while achieving professional-level results.

In this article, we explore a range of tractor attachments specifically designed to tackle various tasks, from sweeping and scraping to generating power and improving site safety.

Tractor attachments for yard maintenance

Yard maintenance on a farm can be a demanding task, considering the vast size of the property and the variety of tasks involved. However, with the right tools and equipment, this essential chore can be made significantly easier and more efficient. 
Tractors are indispensable for yard maintenance on a farm and can pull various attachments, such as:

  • Sweepers
  • Scrapers
  • PTO generators
  • Leaf vacuums
  • Log splitters
  • Hedge cutters

The power and versatility of the tractor make it a go-to tool for tackling different tasks such as clearing debris and tidying foliage. By investing in the right tools, farmers can achieve professional-level results and maintain their yards with ease. Having the proper equipment at disposal means you can take pride in your well-maintained yard and create a more productive environment for livestock, crops, and workers.



Whether you need to clear fallen leaves, grass clippings, or other small debris, a sweeper attachment can simplify the process and keep your raceway or yard tidy. These attachments typically consist of rotating brushes that collect and deposit debris into a hopper. 
With adjustable brush heights and angle settings, sweepers can adapt to various terrains and ensure efficient cleaning across different surfaces. By incorporating a sweeper attachment into the yard maintenance routine, you can save time, reduce manual labour, and achieve a pristine appearance.

PTO generators

PTO Generator.jpg

Tractors equipped with Power Take-Off (PTO) capabilities can utilise PTO generators to harness power for various tasks. By connecting the generator to the tractor’s PTO shaft, you can produce electricity on-site without the need for additional fuel or bulky standalone generators. 

Whether you need to operate electric tools or provide temporary power during outages, PTO generators are a reliable solution. 

This versatility enables you to power equipment such as:

  • Milking sheds
  • Welders
  • Power tools
  • Water pumps
  • Lights for night-time work


Manure Scrapers.jpg

Designed to handle materials such as manure, gravel, snow, or mud, scraper attachments effectively remove unwanted substances from your yard. They are particularly useful for levelling driveways and other surfaces that require regular maintenance. With adjustable cutting depths and angling capabilities, scrapers provide versatility and precision. 
By investing in a scraper attachment for the tractor, you can quickly and efficiently remove stubborn debris, improving both the functionality and appearance of the yard.

Leaf vacuum

Vacuum Machines.jpg

A leaf vacuum tractor attachment can efficiently collect and mulch leaves. These attachments feature powerful suction capabilities, allowing large areas to be cleared quickly. Leaf vacuums also reduce leaf volume, making disposal or composting more manageable. With adjustable height settings and different nozzles, various terrains and obstacles can be navigated.

Log splitter

Agriquip Wood Splitter Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Splitter NZ.jpg

Whenever a tree falls or needs to be cleared on the farm, a log splitter attachment simplifies the process, saving time and physical effort. 

Log splitters are typically powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system and feature sturdy blades that efficiently split logs into smaller, more manageable pieces. With adjustable cutting positions and cycle times, farmers can tailor the splitting process to their specific needs. 

By incorporating a log splitter attachment into the yard maintenance routine, farmers can also guarantee a steady supply of firewood, keeping their home warm during the colder months.

Hedge cutter 

Hedge Cutters.jpg

A hedge cutter is vital for creating well-defined edges and enhancing visibility and safety. Compared to handheld tools, a tractor attachment has more reach and manoeuvrability so farmers can quickly and precisely cut their hedges.  

This improves visibility and access for milk tankers, all while helping to maintain an aesthetically pleasing yard. Hedge cutter tractor attachments feature adjustable blades and cutting heights, enabling farmers to trim hedges to the desired shape and size. 

Tractor attachments open up a world of possibilities when it comes to yard maintenance.

Whether you need to clear debris, generate power, or improve site safety, these versatile tools can revolutionise your property routine. 

Information supplied by Agriquip, agriquip.co.nz

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