Mahindra 7520 ROPS

By: Terry Stevenson

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The 75hp Mahindra 7520 ROPS tractor is a useful piece of machinery, capable of tackling most farming challenges on an island settlement

Mahindra 7520 ROPS
Mahindra 7520 ROPS
  • This model has three ratios for a total of 12 forward and 12 reverse gears; the medium ratio is suitable for general farm work
  • The Mahindra has quick-remove engine covers, a Carraro front axle unit and is a solidly built tractor with steel construction and a short wheelbase
  • The hydraulics on the Mahindra 7520 consist of a 64-litre/min pump with a 2495kg max linkage lift capacity
  • The tractor has a NEF 3192cc four-cylinder motor with a maximum 75 horsepower produced at 2300rpm
  • Attachments to the Mahindra include a Mahindra ML475 quick-hitch front end loader with a self-levelling device and other items like slashers

The Mahindra 7520 ROPS has a powerful engine for its size, and handled small slopes well during the test. The reviewer had trouble getting the engine to load up in any gear lower than second gear-medium ratio, but did bring the motor to the point of struggle in third. When the power did fall away, it departed quite quickly, a sign that the power is made in the mid to high-end range of the 2700rpm rev spectrum.

The NEF 3192cc four cylinder motor revved right out to 2500rpm, when it ran out of puff. The maximum 75 horsepower is produced at 2300rpm.

Low-down power is adequate as well; the reviewer found taking off on the flat in high ratio-top gear was easy, with only a little slip of the clutch. Every other lower gear and ratio didn’t need the clutch at all. The synchromesh transmission is a feature of this tractor.

The gearbox has a good range of ratios and the operation is on a par with any European transmission the reviewer had tested. Going up or down the gearbox, it was easy to find the ‘gate’ and just as smooth to slip it into the next gear. This model has three ratios for a total of 12 forward and 12 reverse gears.

The Mahindra is a wet-clutch tractor and has attachment available like the Mahindra ML475 quick-hitch front end loader with a self-levelling device, to make it a tractor that can handle the general activities on a farm. The test tractor had a slasher fitted to the back to break down gorse growing beside a swamp on the property.

The hydraulics on the Mahindra 7520 consist of a 64-litre/min pump with a 2495kg max linkage lift capacity, however the brakes could do with more power to bring the 3050kg Mahindra to a stop down a slope.

The position of the handbrake on the Mahindra could do with improvement. The short brake lever is located below the steering column, not far from the floor. To reduce back problems the lever should be relocated to a position where the driver doesn’t have to bend forward as much while having to keep a foot on the brake pedal. Some things such as exposed electric cables under the mudguards could also be updated, but were balanced against quick-remove engine covers, a Carraro front axle unit and a generally heavily built tractor.

The 75hp Mahindra 7520 ROPS reviewed is in use on a 94-hectare flat block farm and a 12ha run-off nearby for grazing and growing feed on Matakana Island, in the Bay of Plenty. As it is expensive to bring mechanics onto the island, machinery needs to be as maintenance-free as possible. This, as well as price, were deciding factors in the purchase of the 4WD Mahindra for the customer, a farmer.

Mahindra started out in 1945 and has since grown to be the most popular tractor in India. With around 50,000 employees, Mahindra sold 115,000 tractors worldwide in 2007, entering the New Zealand market that same year after recording good sales in Australia. Already there is a six-dealer NZ network.

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Specifications for Mahindra 7520-4WD

Engine (hp max (kW) @ rpm) 75 (55.9) @ 2300 Compression ratio 18:4:1 Cylinders Four Displacement 3192 Type Four-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled, diesel Alternator 12-volt, 45 amps Battery capacity 12-volt, 96 amp hours Type Dual dry with cerametallic lining No. of gears 12-forward, 12-reverse Type Forward-reverse synchro-shuttle with speed synchromesh and range constant mesh Front axle Mechanical engagement, limited slip differential and palentary reduction Type Hydrostatic power and tilt steering Pump output 19.7L/pm Type Wet disc Pump output 64.3L/pm Three-point linkage Category 2, with telescopic lower link and stabilisers Rear auxiliary remote valves Two spool standard with two position detent float and kick out Lift capacity at ball end 2495kg Type Open centre, full-live hydraulic with position and draft controls PTO rpm (engine rpm) 540 and 1000 @ 2200 with dry reversible shaft PTO hp max (kW) 65 (47.8) Type Independent Total weight 3050kg Overall length 4004mm Overall width 1963mm Turning radius min. 3962mm Ag (front/rear) 11.2x24/16.9x30 Industrial (front/rear) 12.5/80x18/19.5Lx24

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