Valtra T191 Advance tractor

By: Terry Stevenson

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Valtra recently upped its game with the introduction of a new range of ‘N’ Series tractors. The bigger ‘T’ Series machines were also updated and now you get even more features from one of the most reliable tractor brands sold in New Zealand.

Valtra T191 Advance tractor
Valtra T191 Advance tractor

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  • The ‘T’ Series comes in three ranges: the basic Classic, the HiTech range, and the top-of-the-line Advance offering.
  • This Valtra is one of the quietest tractors I've driven.
  • The powerplant runs very smoothly, and has a tonne of contractor-friendly grunt.
  • With the common rail engine and a completely new hydraulic system, a lot more functions are available on the armrest for easier operation.

Built in Finland, Valtra is well known for producing superb tractors. Each tractor is unique, as each machine can be ‘spec’d’ at the factory and built exactly to your requirements.

Based out of Te Poi, near Matamata, John Nettleton owns Blue Grass Contracting, and a brand new Valtra T191 Advance tractor.

"We cultivate maize, grass and turnips in summer; we harvest grass south of here from October through to February-March. The Waikato tends to harvest grass only in October-November," says Nettleton.

"Valtra has a reputation as far as I know as being very, very reliable."

A huge plus for Nettleton is the space around the engine components because they’re all easy to get at, as is the rear hydraulic space and system positioning.

I noted that it only took 10 seconds to take each engine side cover off, and the radiator was accessible in maybe 30 seconds.

Most Valtra models are flexible – within a minute the driver can turn his seat 180 degrees and position the second steering wheel, ready for action using the ancillary foot pedals.

Getting into the suspension cab wasn’t a struggle and once inside you’ll find plenty of space, but few places to put things, largely due to the reverse steer function.

All switches and dials are in the industry standard places except the right arm rest.

There’s excellent visibility to outside and a distinct lack of noise when you turn the key.

The six-cylinder SisuDiesel motor has been upgraded from the previous model T190 and generates more power while sacrificing no extra fuel consumption.

The 7.4-litre engine features common rail fuel injection, four valves per cylinder, intercooled turbocharger and much more.

The excellent traction on the Valtra comes from a 5950kg power-to-weight ratio, and from the three steel wheel weights on each rear wheel, using correct tyre pressures assisted by the on-board air compressor, plus the massive up to 750Nm torque delivery from an engine placed above the front axle, and good bite from the big-footprint Trelleborg TM800 710/70 rear and 600/65 front tyres.

Using the foot pedal accelerator made the speed hard to control due to seat bounce. Like many drivers of big tractors, I used the engine speed dial on the right consol to better effect.

The 36 x 36 speed transmission has four speeds off the stick with the usual two ranges.

Valtra has three good ratio range changes activated on the stick, as well as buttons very well placed on the armrest. These buttons are the first electrical range change buttons I have preferred to use other than what’s on the stick, simply because they are in such a good position.

But this tractor is all about the hydraulics. The T191 Advance allows the operator to have impressive hydraulic control of implements, including three pre-set memory dials and a small screen to set everything up. The single joystick can be organised to operate the front or rear hydraulics, in combination with your pre-set actions and timings.


  • Easy access to engine components
  • TwinTrac reverse steer unit
  • Factory built to your requirements
  • Spacious cab
  • Excellent visibility
  • Low noise level
  • Powerful six-cylinder SisuDiesel motor with lower fuel consumption
  • Common rail fuel injection
  • Four valves per cylinder
  • Intercooled turbocharger
  • Impressive traction
  • Smooth running powerplant
  • Good pull power
  • Excellent control of implements
  • Extensive functions on hydraulic system


  • Limited storage
  • Lack of control with foot pedal accelerator
  • Long throws between each ratio
  • Difficult to push transmission into the four gates


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