Massey Ferguson 5455-4C tractor

By: Robert Crafar

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The Massey Ferguson 5455-4C is the perfect all-round tractor for the farm

Massey Ferguson 5455-4C tractor
Massey Ferguson 5455-4C tractor
  • Ability to combine hydraulic pump flow for loader work
  • Variable forward and reverse shuttle
  • Easy access to all service points
  • Left-hand operated four-speed splitter
  • Proven reliable Perkins engine


The first impression I got when firing up the turbocharged 4 cylinder, 4.4l, Tier III, common rail Perkins-powered Massey Ferguson, was it ran very smooth and quiet.

The Massey Ferguson comfortably got up to it’s top speed of 40kph with a 14 cubic metre feed out wagon on behind. This was largely helped by the maximum power boost of 112hp/82kw and 463Nm of torque available in 3rd and 4th range.


Changing up and down through the 16 forward and 16 reverse Dyna 4 transmission is made easy with the four-speed splitter operated by the forward reverse shuttle selector with your left hand.

Range changes are easy; pressing the button on the range lever while selecting up or down to make a clutch less range change. The 4-speed splitter automatically matches the gear to your speed, but it can be a chunky change which is not ideal when under load.

A dial on the right hand console allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of direction changes from smooth and slow, to fast and sharp.


Hydraulics are supplied by a double open-centred gear pump which can be combined by the push of a button to produce a 100l per minute oil flow.

Two manual double-acting spool valves are standard on this model, but you can upgrade to four.


I thought the steering on the Massey Ferguson was well balanced, with a good feel at all speeds.

The turning circle on this tractor was not bad at 8.4m non-braked, making it easy to maneuver when I was working in a confined space.


The brakes are the standard split wet disc type found in most tractors. They work very well, and are smooth and easy to control.

The handbrake operates independent of the wheel brakes, and the transmission will not engage while the handbrake is on.


The PTO comes standard with four speeds 540/540E and 1000/1000E and 6 and 21 spline bolt-on stub shafts, which give plenty of options for the range of jobs this size tractor could find itself doing.

The output of 90hp/67kw from the PTO made light work of a big tractor driven effluent pump.

Three-point linkage

The three-point linkage has Cat II hook ends and is fully adjustable without the use of tools.

Operation is taken care of by the electric linkage control panel which makes life easy setting up for any type of implement. It has a lift capacity of 5000kgs.


The tractor has a low centre of gravity so even with the loader at full height tipping into a silage wagon, it was quite stable. It comes standard with adjustable rim centres for extra stability.


Access to all of the regular service points has been made easy due to the one-piece bonnet. I was also impressed with the room between the main radiator and intercooler.


The Massey Ferguson cab is quiet and comfortable with plenty of leg room, and the air suspension seat absorbs bumps well. The manual air conditioning worked very well, and it kept the windows fully demisted.

Entry into the cab is good, with wide opening doors and large self-cleaning steps.

The cab is the same six pillar design from previous models, but has more vision obstruction than a four pillar design. However, the 3-point linkage and draw bar are still easy to see when hooking up implements. Vision of the loader at full height was blocked by the cab roof.

The dash still hasn’t been changed much from previous models, but I found it effective and simple to read.

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