Giltrap DML Generation 2 feeder

By: Jaiden Drought, Photography by: Jaiden Drought

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The Giltrap DML Generation 2 is a strong, sturdy feeder that gives users options like the ability to feed both sides and be picked up at each end

Giltrap DML Generation 2 feeder
Giltrap DML Generation 2 feeder
  • Ability to feed both sides
  • Full headstock protects all major components
  • Full length skids
  • Cradle can be used from both ends
  • External chain adjusters allow for minor adjustments in seconds

Most brands are good at feeding round bales, but few can feed squares quickly and accurately. The Giltrap DML Generation 2 feeder can feed squares, but its forte is round bales, which it does very well.

The feeder gets its name from the legacy of the DML feeders, which have been around for more than 25 years, and are now sitting under the Giltrap umbrella.

Key features of the Generation 2 feeder include:


The full frame headstock provides valuable protection for the hydraulic motor and the spring-loaded locking pin, which keeps the drive out of harm’s way while keeping the motor in constant contact with the cradle to give consistent feeding and reduced wear and tear.


The Generation 2 linkage feeder has fork holes and drive units at both ends of the cradle, so no matter what end you are loading from, it just backs in and it’s a go. The right-hand fork is also fractionally longer so you just have to line up one fork along with a sliding top link pin for uneven ground. This allows for faster pick up and drop off and reduces turn-around times.

Weight transfer

Instead of the old round peg in the square hole (or fork in this case), the base of the fork has plates added to each side as well as bushes in the mounting holes so the majority of the weight is actually carried by the headstock, reducing the stress on the forks. Not only does this reduce stress on the machine, it also makes for safer operation, as the weight is closer to the linkage arms. This keeps the weight on the nose of the tractor, which is particularly important on hill country properties.


You can feed from both sides, giving added flexibility and the ability to shift the centre of gravity on hills if you get in to a tight spot. Due to the full-width stainless steel floor, this feeder will feed out both round and square chopped bales with ease.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the external stainless steel chain adjusters, which allow the chains to be at the optimum tension with minor adjustments done in seconds. In addition, the full-length feet add stability and stop the cradle sliding while loading and getting hooking on fences or obstacles.

The only real issue I had with the feeder is it took a considerable amount of time to feed the core out. This could have been due to the large number of bars in the feeder, which didn’t allow the bale to sit in the bottom. This issue has been mitigated in the very latest feeder to come off the production floor, with the removal of every third bar, which means the bale sits in the cradle much lower and feeds out much faster, allowing the aggressive tines to rip the bale apart.


Overall this is a strong, sturdy feeder that gives you a number of options, like the ability to feed both sides and be picked up at each end. If you want a versatile linkage mounted feeder that will feed both round and square, chopped or unchopped bales, then the Giltrap DML Generation 2 is well worth considering.

The Giltrap feeder is also available in the two-bale, self-loading trailing version, which is named the Generation 2x2.

See a range of Giltrap bale feeders for sale.


Feed type Side
Axle Tandem
Cubic capacity 11m3
Overall length 6.075m
Overall width 2.53m


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