VIDEO: Pearson 20-37 Wedgelock loader

Video: Jaiden Drought tests Pearson’s new and improved 20-37 loader, and is impressed by its ease of use and impeccable finish

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Our test was carried out on a farm on the outskirts of Matamata Township. The test machine was a brand-new Massey Ferguson 5455, which had the second ever produced 20-37 loader attached. The key changes include an improved Quickhitch release system on the side rather than having to reach over the top. In addition, the old shallow Pearson bucket is no longer. A rounded back model is now fitted as standard.

The number system has also had some modification and the 20-37 Wedgelock loader replaces the old 20-36; the 20-39 is now the 20-40; the 20-42 is now the 20-4; and the 20-46 is still the 20-46.

We tested the new-shape standard bucket, the wrapped bale clamp, the silage grab, the big bale fork and the back-acting bucket, which was my favourite.

Read the full review in the July issue of Farm Trader magazine, on sale 27 June.



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