Kubota M95X

By: Jaiden Drought, Photography by: Jaiden Drought

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The new Kubota X series haven’t been around as long, but if their predecessor’s track records are anything to go by, odds are their longevity and reliability will be pretty impressive

Kubota M95X
Kubota M95X
  • Excellent eight-speed powershift gearbox with declutch button
  • Good visibility to rear linkage and drawbar
  • Cast rear wheel centres for increased stability
  • Bi-Speed turning makes tractor more manoeuvrable
  • All components sealed in oil increasing longevity and reliability

My test tractor was an ex-demonstrator Kubota M95X fitted with a Kubota LA1301S loader. This model has now been replaced by the M100X, although apart from a slightly different dash, grill and rear guards, the tractors are the same.

Having tested mainly higher spec’d tractors, I must admit I was searching around the cab for monitors and electric remotes when I first hopped in, but the more I drove it the more I came to like it, especially the eight-speed powershift transmission.

Engine and performance

The M95X test tractor has Kubota’s Centre Direct Injection System (E-CDIS) and multi-valve design that complies with Tier II emission standards. For the specified output of 95hp I thought the tractor was perky off the mark – and a full trailer of metal hooked on proved low down torque wasn’t an issue either. This is due to using a slightly larger turbocharger and an innovative wastegate system that proved to be successful.

The single-piece hinged bonnet lifted high out of the way, and accessing all components for both daily and scheduled servicing seemed to be smooth sailing.


Kubota has dubbed its transmission Intelli-Shift. It features 16F/16R gears each through an eight-speed shift on the move with a dual-range set-up.

This is all run through a single right-hand gear lever, which also boasts a de clutch button to allow you to change through all 16 gears without touching the clutch.

This transmission is by far the best feature of this tractor and is superior to many higher priced tractors on the market, with the majority only offering four powershifts on the move bar the CVT.

The transmission comes standard with auto mode. Although this is impressive in this price bracket of tractors, it’s not true auto shifting. The auto feature will automatically drop or increase gears depending on how you have the sensitivity dial set. Auto mode will shift up to three gears on the road and two gears in the paddock.

Field mode enables smoother turning; a downshift of up to three gears occurs once the three-point hitch has been raised.

A downhill control (DHC) is another safety feature that is standard and this switch prevents the transmission from changing up when driving downhill.

Bi-Speed turning

A rocker switch on the right-hand console offers you increased turning capacity from the already standard 50º steering lock. By flicking the switch on once the wheels go past the 35º point, the front wheels rotate at a speed of nearly twice that of the rear wheels and the tractor turns like a 2WD.

Bevel-gear front axle

The bevel-gear design eliminates open U-joints, and all components are hermetically sealed in oil, a feature that contributes to the longevity and reliability of the Kubota brand.


The M95X runs gear-type hydraulic pumps, one for the two 77L/m hydraulic outlets and the front end loader, while the second is kept separate solely for the power steering. They are also equipped with a regulator valve and low pressure oil cooler, which keeps hydraulic temperature low to maintain maximum efficiency.

I thought the loader was quick and smooth from the pump output and although 77L/m isn’t massive, flow should provide ample for daily farm chores. The only thing I thought could be improved here is the pump, which was noisy. However this did settle slightly once the tractor warmed up.

Operating environment

Although the Kubota cab wasn’t the largest I have been in, it has easy access through the standard six-pillar design. Good sized mirrors allow you to see plenty of what’s going on behind you and the "A" pillar-mounted exhaust meant there was good all-round visibility.

I thought the controls were quite well laid out, with all components on the right-hand console. A small digital screen is located behind the main gear lever, which shows travel speed and PTO rpm.

Behind the gear lever are the two SCV controls, which work well and both have the "float" function. Below them is the Bi-Speed, 4WD, auto shift and the DHC switches – although having them on a flatter surface would make them easier to read, as most of these switches have more than one function on them.

On the armrest is the linkage rise and fall rocker switch, along with draft control and the powershift up and down buttons. I found the linkage controls on the armrest very handy although the gearshift buttons are set too low and it seems more comfortable to use the hand lever but individual preferences may vary.

Another good feature of the rear linkage is the view from the cab, which is excellent as you can use either the main back window when lining up implements or a smaller window behind the seat that gives an unobstructed view of the drawbar.

The rear fender-mounted raise and lower buttons worked very well and the arms lowered quickly, which is a problem on other brands. The only gripe with the rear linkage is that I had a 3PTL hitch on and the toplink hit the PTO guard when the arms were lowered. Apart from that small glitch the rear linkage was solid and easy to adjust when attaching implements.

Another little gripe is the lack of front guards and fender extensions on the rear mudguards as the tractor was difficult to keep clean. The more recent models have more flared guards.

The verdict

If you are after a basic and reliable tractor with a strong history and solid back-up service, ask for a Kubota.

See a range of Kubota tractors for sale.


Engine model Kubota V3800TE2 Turbocharged c/w wastegate
Cylinders 4
Horsepower 105 @ 2400rpm
Displacement 3769cm(3)
Fuel tank cap 190 litres
Type Powershift
Speeds F16/R16
Max speed 34 km/h
Dry shipping 3950kg
Wheelbase 2435mm
Overall length 4190mm
Overall height CAB 2670mm
Overall width 2125mm
Crop clearance 520mm
Turning radius 4000mm


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