PowerGen Generators

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The PowerGen Group is a multifaceted organisation, growing to cover the whole spectrum of critical power systems and their environments.

PowerGen Generators
PowerGen Generators

The PowerGen Group is a multifaceted organisation, growing to cover the whole spectrum of critical power systems and their environments.

Over the past few years, the PowerGen Grouphas rapidly emerged as a major player and is ideally resourced to service power requirements from remote area power systems through to nationwide contracts for multinational conglomerates.

The company places huge emphasis on building long-term relationships with customers and respect their needs, targets and ethos.

PowerGen provides a complete range of European and American power plants, from 5kVA portable unit up to 3200kVA.

Within the organisation are specialist technicians servicing every aspect of the most complex power generation systems. PowerGen is in a unique position with its ability to carry out a multitude of different trades, using its multiple in-house resources.

Within its management team, there is considerable experience in civil, mechanical, electrical (including complex control systems), structural and building industries, both at project management and practical levels. The PowerGen team also has extensive experience synchronising control systems, including ‘state of the art’ micro-processor-based control systems which offer a high level of flexibility not previously available with earlier generation controllers.

PowerGen operates under a stringent quality policy. Every unit supplied or hired out endures a rigorous in-house inspection, together with quality control procedures carried out in its Tauranga factory. Every major on-site task is covered by one of its ‘Supplementary Work Plans’, which outline the resources required, tasks to be undertaken and contingency strategies.

Comprehensive load testing and replication of all tests and performance requirements are also undertaken. PowerGen can provide assurance to its customers of minimal teething problems, and the company has always satisfied customers.

Diesel generation systems are the core business of PowerGen, and its equipment team has a strong track record in completing successful projects on time and within budget.

PowerGen is committed to complying with all aspects of client specification and relevant legislative and other requirements.

For more information, ph 0800 679 800 or 07 543 1336, email info@power-generator.co.nz or visit power-generator.co.nz.

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