Special feature: SAM feed wagons

SAM feed wagons have been one of the Waikato’s best-kept secrets for many years. However, the distinctive green and yellow brand is a common sight even in the most remote areas of NZ.


Popular for its extreme reliability, simplicity and mega-strong construction SAM machinery is known to be a no-brainer in terms of ticking boxes when it comes to build quality and value for money. 

SAM Machinery has been producing New Zealand-made agricultural machinery since 1946. That’s 77 years of testing and adapting for the New Zealand market.

Specialising in feed wagons, fertiliser spreaders and hydraulic trailers, SAM has a firm handle on the demanding requirements of New Zealand farmers and contractors.

SAM feed wagons 

When it comes to SAM feed wagons, each machine provides an even flow of feed with excellent throw. With the ability to handle a large range of feed types, including green feed, maize, grass silage and PK, SAM caters for centre-feed for paddock feeding and side-feed for paddocks, troughs, and feed pads.

SAM business manager Tim Ellingham grew up on a farm and knows the importance of bullet-proof gear that won’t let users down. “We build our SAM feed wagons tough for lasting performance year after year. Complexity is engineered to ensure they are reliable and easy to use and maintain.

“Many farmers start with a SAM Spreader, love that, then want to add a feed wagon and trailer to the mix to complete the SAM set.

“We feel very lucky to be innovating with this new generation of farmers. It’s quite a legacy to know their grandparents had SAM machinery and that quality and durability has remained recognised through the generations,” says Tim.

The SAM feeder wagon range spans across 10, 12, and 15 cube models, with the versatile 12 cube model being the most popular. 

SAM feed wagon interior: stainless sides and Trans-tex flooring

All wagons come standard with a robust stainless chain side-feed that cuts out tracking issues and reduces maintenance. Stainless sides and front cut worries about rusting. A superior paint finish is added to the chassis for corrosion resistance for the long term. 

The Trans-tex deck flooring is a 21mm high-strength ply timber made from sustainably sourced European birch chosen for its high bending stiffness and high-impact resistance across the trucking industry. Remote greasing is standard on 12 and 15 cube models, offering access to all axle greasing points in an easy-to-reach location. 

The chassis has been designed with ample clearance from the ground, to
save bellying out in varied terrain. Individually welded teeth on the elevator are designed for optimal grab and lift. This is particularly great for grass silage, and although more labour-intensive to build, it means the machine is built to last longer for SAM customers.  

Optional extras 

Adding load cells can provide simple, accurate electronic weighing of feed quantities. Every SAM feed wagon is built load cell ready, so you can add this technology in at a later date if required. A simple Android app means you can keep an eye on the weight in the bin from your pocket.

Options for belt side-feed, hydraulic side shift, and centre-feed delivery round out the range.

Like all SAM gear, these feed wagons are backed by fast and professional spare parts and servicing.

SAM has a thriving new machinery manufacturing facility, with a servicing support team adjacent and ready to help out with everything from comprehensive machine birthdays to quick spare parts when you need them.

“We prefer to put our automation and tech into our manufacturing – not our customer service,” says Tim.

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