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New Zealand brand SAM Machinery offers the ability to connect its SAM spreader with HawkEye or MyBallance

SAM Topcon spreaders are popular with contractors and large-scale farmers

Capitalising on the technology and innovations available for precise spreading is a key part of effective farm business management. New Zealand brand SAM Machinery offers the ability to connect its SAM spreader with HawkEye or MyBallance.

The SAM Topcon spreader can seamlessly integrate business with fertiliser cooperatives via Precision Farming. This set-up combines ISOBUS compatibility and common sense, allowing the user to easily share data where it needs to be without manual re-entry.

It allows the user to order, dispatch, report, and apply a farm’s inputs using a simple interface and view work in real-time for fleet management. It also helps reduce manual steps and get accurate documentation with minimal effort, while saving thousands on
third-party gear and extra subscriptions.

How does it work?

Place an order for fertiliser or chemicals on the farm’s digital map in HawkEye, MyBallance, or Precision Farming. The Precision Farming dispatch platform receives the order and at the push of a button is sent into TAP and the Topcon console in the tractor. 

Proof of application then returns to Precision Farming and, if connected, to HawkeEye or My Balance for simple recordkeeping and automated compliance reporting. 

SAM’s Topcon spreaders are the top end of the SAM spreader range, with the other two tiers offering simple manual drives and e-Spreaders. 

The same clever design and build quality are assured across the SAM range: spreaders with single or tandem axles and carrying capacities of four, five, and six tonnes. Combo spreaders can handle five to nine tonnes of processed fertiliser or organic material, and SAM now offers a new orchard spreader.

Topcon spreaders

SAM Topcon spreaders are popular with contractors and large-scale farmers, offering the ultimate in control with accuracy as high as 99% of the target rate, the brand says. With Topcon’s well-proven guidance and load cells, plus ISOBUS, they deliver precision and convenience. Now, for a small connection fee with Precision Farming, these spreaders can link directly with fertiliser suppliers.

The Topcon computer controls the floor speed hydraulically from a screen in the tractor cab. It can use the weight of the product to constantly check the spread rate on the move, to spread more accurately, and to provide traceability. 

By plugging the SAM Topcon spreader directly into an ISOBUS tractor, proof of placement is integrated into the system, so you don’t have to rely on third-party reporting. Extra features include dynamic rate control, mapping, and variable rate spreading.

ISOBUS sectional control for headlands or cross-over areas means no areas receive a double application.


The SAM e-Spreader is a simple, accurate computer-controlled spreader. It’s straightforward to learn and use and ideal if you have a third-party GPS but don’t have an ISOBUS tractor. 
With added accuracy to help save money on inputs, simply set your rate from the screen in the cab. It also has integrated load cells, an electric back door, unloading function, and border control. 

SAM e-Spreaders are easy to calibrate and come with load cells. Load cells are the only way to get true accuracy because they weigh the fertiliser as you go and apply the correct application rate regardless of changes in forward speed.

e-Spreaders integrate easily with third-party GPS systems. You can see what you have covered and how much you have applied, so proof of placement is easy. If you’re already using a third-party tracking system, such as Tabula or Trimble, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The SAM controller screen in the cab features reliable German hardware and clever Kiwi software. Setting your spread rate is simple — just key in spread rate, product density, and spread width. 

Manual drive

SAM manual drive spreaders keep things simple and are useful for accommodating operators with different skill levels.

The floor mat is driven off the forward speed of the wheel. Simply wind the back door height to the rate you want to be spreading. The label on the back door indicates different products and application rates.

Load cells can be added at the time of build. They connect to a simple app on an Android phone, which shows the actual weight in the bin at any point in time.   

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