Special feature: SAM Topcon spreader

Well-known for being at the forefront of fertiliser spreading in NZ, SAM is now leading the charge with its next evolution of computer-controlled gear

6T Topcon spreader

You can spot a SAM a mile away. The distinctive bright yellow and green machinery has been popping up all over the New Zealand countryside across three generations.

SAM is well-known for being at the forefront of fertiliser spreading in New Zealand and is now leading the charge with its next evolution of computer-controlled gear.

The Topcon SAM Spreader stands out because it’s ISOBUS. The spreader simply plugs directly into any compliant tractor. The display then shows up on the in-cab screen. This saves having to purchase and run an additional screen and means owners and operators can swap easily between tractors.

It gives precise control for spreading all types of fertilisers, manure, and animal waste, proving popular with contractors where accuracy and proof of placement are a must.

9T SAM Combo suitable for spreading procesed fert as well as organic matter such as chicken manure

Design engineer Toby Stone says, “This added automation is exciting; it means the best in traceability and accuracy, giving our customers peace of mind.

“The floor is hydraulically controlled rather than manually driven off the wheel. This means the correct application rate is applied regardless of changes in forward speed or in product density. Simply enter key details such as tractor centres, product density, and the rate to apply – and you’re away.”

Proof of placement is integrated into the system without relying on third-party reporting. Owners are paying once for their gear and not again every month thereafter for various subscriptions.

Easy clean plastic bin with a new evolution of painting on chassis, including a thermal-arc pure zinc spray

Any SAM Spreader can be upgraded to Topcon control at the time of build. Elements are customisable to suit individual needs – screen, GPS, load cells, etc. By adding load cells, the fully integrated system will also allow dynamic rate control. This uses the weight of the product to constantly check the spread rate as you go. It’s the only way to get true accuracy.

ISOBUS tech allows for the use of all of the tractor’s high-tech features such as autosteer, headland turning, border control, light bar, the ability to save product settings, sectional control, variable rate control, fleet management, and proof of placement reporting (heat maps).

The full system can be purchased through SAM for those with a non-ISOBUS tractor.

An electric back door is a new optional extra. The back door electronically moves to the appropriate height based on inputs.

ISOBUS system plugs into any compliant tractor

Topcon tech was chosen by SAM for reliability. The system has been proven through decades of R&D and international experience.

“The best high-end tech on New Zealand’s favourite spreader was a natural fit,” says SAM business manager, Tim Ellingham. 

The SAM spreader range has three tiers: simple manual drives, the new e-spreaders for added accuracy, and the high-end Topcon spreaders.  

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