Review: Segway Snarler AT5 S EPS

Farm Trader test drives the Segway Snarler — a stylish 499cc machine that’s proving a versatile option 

The Segway Snarler AT5 is available in both standard and long versions

As one of the latest manufacturers to enter the off-road utility market, when you look back at the Segway Powersports evolution, this move makes sense. Segway is well known for producing personal transport devices, such as scooters, while the Segway Powersports focus has seen numerous self-developed patented designs, including a hybrid powertrain, internal combustion engines, and a smart IOV system.

Having tested the waters in the Australasian off-road utility vehicle market in 2019, the brand’s first ATVs were available to purchase in New Zealand from 2020.

Since then, Segway has grown its line-up of off-road vehicles to include ATVs, utility, and more sport-orientated side by sides. However, for this month’s review, we’re focusing on one of the latest models to join the ATV line-up, the Segway Snarler AT5 EPS.

Test time

With Segway Snarler AT6 models already available, the addition of the AT5 models will only drive demand for the brand. I was lucky enough to catch up with the Australian/New Zealand Segway team at a dealers and media day on a hilly 600-acre property about an hour from Melbourne.

All Segway Snarler AT5 models can be equipped with optional extra storage and accessories

With an impressive variety of machines to test drive, including side by sides and one of almost all the ATV models, we were spoilt for choice, so what better way to get a feel for the Segway machines than to take them all for a spin?

First up for our Segway review is the newly released Snarler AT5 S EPS. This stylish 499cc machine shares much of its DNA with the larger AT6 Snarler: from the modern, almost futuristic styling to built-in LED lights adding to the aggressive look you may expect from a Snarler (well-named).

Our test machine was the EPS version, which stands for electronic power steering. Offering three modes — Standard, Comfort, and Sport — this is controlled via an app that can be run from your phone.

On the day I got behind the wheel, with extremely dry conditions, it was more rocks and tree stumps that the EPS was smoothing out, rather than ruts and rough paddocks, which is where it would come in handy in New Zealand.

Segway accessories include a convenient closeable toolbox

If you’re old school and don’t need or want EPS, the base model does come without it, giving you a choice for your driving preferences.

The four-wheel drive system is similar to many others, with a simple locked rear diff. A switch to change between 2WD/FWD is located on the handlebar, and with a further button push, you have the front diff locked for full traction. This came in handy on steep, loose, rocky hills. In New Zealand, we would use it more in wet conditions or when towing heavy loads.

Using a belt drive CVT transmission, with low/high forward ranges and reverse, neutral, and park on a lever on the side of the tank, the Snarler is pretty easy to operate, even for less experienced riders, of which there were some on our test day.

The central T-Box and display shows the information on FWD gear selection, speed, hour, and trip meters, as well as basic bike functions.

With its strong history around technology, innovation, and development, Segway has incorporated some cool tech that helps protect both the operator and the machine. This includes technology that allows Segway to remotely deactivate a machine (making it less likely for your Segway to be stolen if it can’t be used). This technology can also perform in a similar way to Find My iPhone, helping track and locate a machine, which could save valuable time if someone potentially had an accident or needed to locate their bike.

Segway also offers the Fugleman side by side

Should there be a mechanical issue, Segway technicians can log in remotely to diagnose the problem, potentially saving a costly trip to the mechanic, or to at least help inform around what needs to be fixed, making sure the right parts are sourced to get you up and running ASAP. 

Ride comfort and safety

A key factor in how good a machine is comes down to how it handles. Ride comfort also needs to be considered, particularly for those who spend long hours in the saddle. The Snarler ATV has a wide comfortable seat, which, in turn, allows for a comfortable riding position.

The ATV is equipped with plenty of suspension travel (7.1 inches in the front and 7.9 inches in the rear) and with adjustable preload to make the most of the carrying capacity of the racks: 40kg front and 60kg rear. Individual A-arm suspension helps keep all four wheels on the ground and soak up the bumps, further adding to the comfort levels.

With the ability to climb slopes of 39 degrees and handle sideways slopes of up to 30.8 degrees, Segway also offers the option of a factory rollover protection device, making the brand one of the few manufacturers bringing ATVs into Australia that meet regulations around rollover and safety.

Anti-theft technology is incorporated into the T-Box


Segway is making use of the same single-cylinder, four-stroke, electronic fuel-injected petrol, power plant used in the Snarler AT6 models; just dialled back to produce 499cc. This keeps the cost of production down, along with fuel use, as long as you’re not constantly hauling heavy loads.

With the Segway Snarler AT5 models producing 39hp with 44Nm of torque, this suits a wide variety of situations and slots nicely into the New Zealand market.


Depending on what you require, the Snarler AT5 is available in a range of models to suit requirements and budget, available in S-standard (like our test machine) or L-long, two-seater versions. As a standard machine, there’s a choice of the base Rugged model. From there, you go to the EPS version, which adds three-mode electronic power steering, hand guards, 2500lb winch, and plastic rack covers. The top-spec Quad Pro offers all these features as well as upgrading the 12-inch steel rims to alloys. Offered in three different colour variants, you can have a matching fleet or a mix of all three. Segway has a growing list of accessories to suit its machines and how different end users need them fitted out to make their daily use as efficient and productive as possible.



Based on current pricing, an AT6 S EPS, which is the larger, standard size Segway Snarler with power steering will set you back just under $12k (excluding GST); the AT5 S EPS is less than $10k (excluding GST) — half the price of some other comparable machines, which has to make them worth a look in my opinion.

Top features

  • Easy-to-operate 2-range CVT transmission
  • Modern design, well-built, comfortable riding position
  • Sharp pricing for the spec
  • Available in a range of models, including standard and long two-seat models

Segway AT5 S EPS Specifications


Petrol, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOCH


499cc, 39hp, 44Nm of torque

Transmission CVT, belt drive, auto
Drive system 2WD/4WD/4WD front diff lock
Power steering Electronic, 3 modes: Standard/Comfort/Sport
Suspension Individual dual A-Arm front and rear
Shocks Oil filled with adjustable pre-load
Travel Front 7.1 inch,
Rear 7.9 inch
Tyres 6 Ply, Front 25 x 8-12 Rear 25 x 10-12
Brakes 4 wheel hydraulic disc
Towing capacity 612kg
Payload capacity 185kg
Rack load capacity  Front 40kg, Rear 60kg
Fuel capacity 19L
Curb weight 355kg
Wheelbase 130cm
Ground clearance 25cm
(L x W x H)
216cm x 118cm x 123cm

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