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When it comes to the business of sheds, with a sole focus on providing quality kitsets, the team at Sheds4U is constantly talking to farmers and businessmen around the country about their specific needs for their buildings

The wide-open bay ensures there’s ample room for servicing and repairing farm equipment

A common theme the team has noticed is a growing demand around the need to protect valuable farm machinery from the weathering elements, as well as from any unwanted, lurking trespassers – all of this as well as the need for more versatile space and convenient access to the building.

While there’s a common misconception that pole or timber frame kitsets are limited to the height and span of the timber, Sheds4u says it has cleverly devised a range of Hybrid Sheds to offer increased versatility around these restrictions.

The innovative Sheds4u Hybrid Sheds combine timber sheds with steel rafters, combining two separate shed worlds into one, and making for a perfect match in terms of achieving a high-quality shed equipped to satisfy the most complex and demanding shed requirements.
In any areas where timber is restricted – for example, across horizontal loading capabilities – steel steps in and excels. So, because timber has unmatched vertical strength, this paired with the horizontal benefits of steel, delivers a match made in heaven that provides durability, ease of use, and all with the practicality of wood.

The Tangihau Bull Arena

By adopting these methods, Sheds4u delivers spans previously unseen before exclusively within the timber frame shed industry. The Hybrid Shed option is ideal for most needs in the agricultural and rural industries, helping to meet all the requirements and demands of farm storage, space, and security.

The Tangihau Bull Arena pictured below shows how brackets fitted to the Clearspan Rafters allow the Purlins to slot in for added rigidity and height. Great ceiling height and ample natural light are attained through the use of clear light – a good example of what’s achievable with this system.

Sheds4u Hybrid Series sheds have the benefit of clear span up to 16 meters. The system also allows for the creation of bays up to 10 meters wide using the unique steel birdproof purlin system, providing ample room to store expensive machinery from harsh winters and blazing summers.

The Hybrid Series provide opulent room for storing machinery, vehicles, hay, tools, and other items from around the farm while still allowing room to repair and service machinery.

Another appealing benefit of these sheds is that they’re bird-proof – a popular requirement among farmers and contractors. Bird-proofing adds a layer of protection when it comes to keeping machinery in mint condition.

The shed was custom-built to provide an unobstructed pathway to the cold store

One of the recent projects that used the innovative Hybrid Shed is the wide-open bay pictured above that demonstrates how sheds don’t need to be over-complicated, showcasing simplicity at its finest. This shed shows a two-meter overhang without supports. This encourages an abundance of space to provide for servicing and repairing farm equipment. Along with the large spans, it offers flexibility in how the customer decides to utilise it. For any large-scale farm operation, this type of storage is ideal.

Sheds4u sheds are customised to each individual client’s preference. When a client required an obstruction-free space as forklifts needed access to the cold store, which is situated at the rear, Sheds4u designed a shed to suit.

Because a traditional wooden shed would require central bracing poles, it would not suit this situation. So the team opted for a combination of timber and steel, therefore providing an unobstructed pathway to the cold store and using 7.5-metre bays instead of the usual limiting six-metre timber lengths.

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