Silvan launches new website after extensive upgrade

Silvan New Zealand's new website provides comprehensive product information with listings of national and local dealer networks

The website follows an intensive internal development project undertaken to give the well- known 55-year-old Australian-owned and managed agricultural products company a state of the art public information facility. 


Silvan was founded in Melbourne by Michael Tricarico in 1962 and from its Victorian head office has branches in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and in New Zealand where it has an equally strong rural market presence as well as being active in exports.

Company CEO Michael Tricarico says the launch of the website was seen as an opportunity to provide comprehensive product information with listings of the extensive national local dealer network as well as access to the significant technical data and information materials.

“Our Silvan range is accessible under three simple product headings. Spraying Equipment covers all types from large pasture, horticultural and vineyard products to equipment that is specific to the small holding, contractor, and local government sectors,” Michael says.

“Then there is a category heading for the extensive ranges of Farm Equipment including fertiliser spreaders, slashing and mulching, and similar tractor attachment ranges.

“The third category heading is Rural Lifestyle covering the extensive and regularly expanding Silvan and Selecta small equipment and accessories product ranges.

“We believe we have created a website that is colourful, instructive, and informative with easy-to-navigate pathways that will ensure it will be very user-friendly.”

There are also Support and News functions enabling further technical or product information to be sought with a direct response from the internal Silvan customer service and technical support team.

The new website can be found on

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