Sprayer Technology: Silvan Spray Pro Range

Silvan has rolled out a broadacre pasture sprayer suited to livestock farms and contractors

The new range is aimed at the dairy and livestock markets

The newly released 1600- and 1900-litre Spray Pro sprayer range is aimed at the dairy and livestock markets and marks a significant addition to Silvan’s extensive range of three-point linkage sprayers.

Designed to be mounted on a tractor’s three-point linkage, the range is ideally suited to spraying pasture on broadacre and livestock farms. In terms of technological advances, the increasing uptake of ISOBUS-compatible controllers on three-point linkage and trailed sprayers with more tractors having this capability is a positive.
Some benefits of ISOBUS are: 

  • Ability to utilise one in-cab console for multiple applications, such as spraying, spreading, harvesting, etc.
  • Includes auto boom switching capability to minimise overlap
  • Ability to upload prescription application rate maps

Both models contain a self-priming BP130/20 pump, with nitrile diaphragms and corrosion-resistant and cast anodised aluminium bodies, capable of delivering a minimum of 132 litres a minute at a pressure capacity of 2000kPa.

The key feature of both models is the 18-metre galvanised self-levelling boom with hydraulic fold, lift, and tilt along with parallelogram suspension.

Other features of the sprayer are the 30-litre Silmix chemical induction hopper mounted on the side of the tank, 150-litre flush tank, and 10-litre hand wash tank.

The robust galvanised steel frame comes with an adjustable Cat II and III hitch. Three-section Silvamatic electric controls with pressure-compensating direct-acting valves are fitted as standard. On and off pressure adjustments can be made from the tractor cab.

Options include a larger BP200/20 PTO pump that delivers 195 litres per minute, a hydraulic drive centrifugal pump, a range of Bravo automatic rate controllers, including ISOBUS and a 57-litre paddock foam marker.

Both 1600- and 1900-litre polytuff impact restart polyethylene tanks contain a floating ball and non-spill offset screw-down lid with a single breather. 

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