Test: SlurryKat 14000 Premium Plus

The 14,000L SlurryKat Premium Plus tanker is packed with tech and options, and fitted with a host of new features as standard

Smart-looking machine with SlurryKat’s signature red paintwork with galvanised trims

The SlurryKat tanker range has been part of the Brownrigg Agri Gear line-up since 2019, and with a recent shipment of tankers landing, there’s an expanded range of SlurryKat equipment available here now – perfect timing for the increasing importance of slurry management on rural properties around the country

With an impressive SlurryKat selection to choose from, Brownrigg Agri Gear import and distribute the brand to cover all bases, from pumping and carting to spreading.

Founded in 1994 in Ireland, SlurryKat has proved a popular brand in New Zealand. The SlurryKat 14000 Premium Plus tanker we spent the day with is one of the first tankers of its kind to arrive in New Zealand. With quite the list of premium extra features, alongside build quality, it isn’t hard to see why SlurryKat has an impressive market share in its home country.

The rain gun can help reach more challenging areas

Test time

Waikato Pastoral Ltd recently took delivery of this new SlurryKat 14000, so we were able to head along and see it up front on its first job. The standout red SlurryKat paint wasn’t hard to miss as the eye-catching machine made its way through the paddocks. Confidence is clearly high in the brand, which prides itself on its build and quality, offering a seven-year guarantee on its paintwork – something unheard of in the industry.

Waikato Pastoral chose SlurryKat for its range of features and versatile size. The terrain the business operates on ventures into steep hills, which could be difficult to navigate with larger tractors and implements.

The 14,000-litre tanker proves to be an extremely versatile size, as a 300hp tractor isn’t needed to pull it around. Having a machine spec’d with the right level of tech is important for every business. This tanker was bought specifically without a Power Beyond system to run the tanker as an auto-guidance system will take control. The tractor’s computer will control the section through a remote valve and timers are able to be set up for headland management situations. This kept costs low on the tanker allowing for the extra tech to go in the tractor, which covers the proof of placement side of effluent spreading.

LED lights for optimal longevity

Keeping the wheels turning is an essential part of the agriculture sector, and SlurryKat aims to keep them going to the best of their ability. Being contractors themselves, they see first-hand what parts of their products work and what don’t. This is the best research and development you can ask for as it’s out of a controlled environment and see the equipment tested to its limits.

Design and build details

The SlurryKat tanker is one to impress with its range of specs. Some standard features that are present on all the 11,000- to 18,000-litre tankers are commercial 10 stud axles with 420×180 brakes. These slow all the weight down especially at high speeds.

The tank itself is made of 6mm S355 grade steel with anti-implosion rings on the internal to prevent the tank sucking itself in. An anti-slosh baffle system is also present and makes towing SlurryKat equipment extremely smooth. To aid in keeping safe on the road, full LED lights along with a flashing light are standard across the range.

New Holland T7 proves the optimal size for the 14,000L SlurryKat

The SlurryKat tankers are also future-proofed, as they come ready for rear linkage and additional spreading equipment if situations change. A large stone trap is positioned in the rear to avoid foreign objects from blocking the discharge nozzle.

An array of extras is part of the line-up with most slurry equipment brands and SlurryKat is no different, manufacturing an extensive range of slurry gear for every operation you could think of. Dribble bars, trailing shoe injectors, reelers, and pumps are just the start of the vast production list.

GPS systems and flowmeters are also optional extras able to be factory-fitted if pre-ordered by the customer. SlurryKat’s award-winning trailing shoe system has an umbilical drag hose kit attached. This allows the bar to be changed from tanker operation to umbilical operation in just 10 minutes. This is another way of increasing the usability of the machinery available.  

Performance plus

The 14,000-litre SlurryKat tanker proved well suited for the terrain we had to operate in along the rolling hills of Pukeatua. Feeling stable behind the New Holland T7.230, we put it on some decent enough angles while spreading through the splash plate. The anti-slosh plates did their job as minimal slosh was felt, which is reassuring when operating on hillsides. The tandem axles, incorporated with the press formed tapered equilibrium system, made the tanker tow well, no matter the situation. The recessed design keeps the centre of gravity low. A set of 710/50R26.5 tyres also help keep gravity down while rolling comfortably over rough and soft terrain.

Demonstrating the wide spread, with rear splash plate

Manoeuvrability was simple through tight races and gates, thanks to the steering rear axle. Automatic locking of the axle would be one luxury that could be nice to add. A substantial feature present on this particular tanker was the rain gun. This allowed us to spread up steeper hillsides and down steeper banks that would normally cause a tractor to break traction. Being able to spread all of the area, without causing a mess and hindering the growth of crops, is a big positive for the end client. The Rain gun continued to impress, being able to rotate 360 degrees, plus, having a hydraulic ‘flap’ to help direct the spray to needed areas. Filling was rapid, thanks to the hydraulic fill arm. A 13,500-litre vacuum pump provides the muscle to move a large volume at a decent rate. Keeping track of how the filling progress is going, along with the quality of the product, is clearly displayed through the large sight gauge on the front of the tank in easy view from the operator’s seat.


Standout build quality and paintwork are second to none on the SlurryKat 14,000-litre tanker. Having an impressive seven-year paint guarantee is reassuring that your new investment is going to last a substantial amount of time. The tanker performs well on steeper land, with the 360-degree rain gun providing the aim, which means effective spreading and ensuring that all of the product gets placed in all the right areas without tearing up the ground. This is a great advantage in helping utilise all productive areas.

SlurryKat 14000 Premium Plus Specifications

Capacity 14,000L
Tyres 710/50R26.5 BKT
Sight tube Yes
Jack stand Hydraulic 
Drawbar suspension Sprung
Lights LED
Axle set-up Tandem sprung steered
Control System Tractor hydraulics (available to be spec’d with Power Beyond/ISOBUS)


  • 360-degree rain gun
  • Long guarantee on paintwork
  • Heavy-duty commercial axles
  • Large sight glass
  • Great build quality
  • Looks great
  • LED Lights
  • Sprung drawbar
  • Hydraulic jack


  • Lots of hydraulic lines but can be spec’d with full ISOBUS Pro Control 

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Photography: Dan Reymer

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