Effluent feature: New SlurryKat Farmline Trailing Shoes

Boosted by the success of its entry-level 7.5m Farmline Trailing Shoe, slurry equipment specialist SlurryKat has launched wider models up to 10.5m

SlurryKat Farmline Trailing Shoe – now updated and available in 9m and 10.5m

In keeping with all the core SlurryKat manufacturing principles, these new models are also built to be strong, manufactured with quality steel, yet staying lightweight to reduce soil compaction.

“We launched the 7.5-metre Farmline Trailing Shoe in 2018 and it has been a huge success,” says SlurryKat innovator and CEO Garth Cairns. “However, as slurry tankers have become larger and more grants have become available to help farmers purchase specialist equipment, we’ve experienced huge demand for wider models.”

The new wider models, 9 metres and 10.5 metres, incorporate many of the features of the previous models, including the lightweight design but also some
new upgrades.

Lightest trailing shoe on the market

While the SlurryKat 7.5-metre model weighed in at 490kg, the new 9-metre model is 600kg and the 10.5-metre model is 636kg.

“These are the lightest trailing shoes on the market,” says Garth.

Garth Cairns

Both the 9-metre and the 10.5-metre models exhibit unique inverted booms in the transport position.

The extra width was achieved by adding a novel flip-over end section on the sidearms, which is operated by a hydraulic cylinder. This is easy and straightforward for the operator to use.
“When it comes to the transport height, which is the lowest on the market, this stays the same on the new wider models stays as with the 7.5-metre model.

Also, they now have flip-up shoes on the beam with hydraulic cylinder as standard, which was not a feature on the 7.5-metre model.”

Flip-up shoes on the central and outer sections make it easier for the operator to make headland turns.

“Also, the machine does not need to be folded up to reverse. All the operator has to do is flip up the shoes, carry out the manoeuvre, then drop the shoes and work away,” he says.

Machine upgrades

The new Farmline models use the SlurryKat ventilated macerator distributor head with a V36 head on the 9-metre model and a V42 head on the 10.5-metre version.

This unique system delivers equal slurry distribution from every shoe along the boom, which competitor products can’t deliver.

SlurryKat Farmline Trailing Shoe in Transport Position

Other upgrades include a crash protection system on the boom as standard, using a shear bolt rather than a spring release system, which is troublesome when the machine ages. The spacing of the shoes on the new models is the SlurryKat standard 250mm, which is proven to be the optimum width for the uptake of the nutrients in the slurry by the crop.

All models are fully galvanised and fitted with new Italian-manufactured UV-resistant flexible hoses, which gives longevity to the machines.

Reduces soil compaction

SlurryKat says its focus with the new Farmline Trailing Shoes was to keep the machines lightweight, which is an advantage working in all soil conditions.

The new Farmline Trailing Shoes work in conjunction with SlurryKat’s highly successful Premium Plus™ range, which is also undergoing some updates.

The new Farmline models are not replacing any of the Premium Plus™ range but are an addition to the range offered.

SlurryKat is distributed in New Zealand by Brownrigg Agri Gear Ltd.

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