New release: SlurryKat Proline Folding Silage Fork

Designed to handle a variety of crops and marking the latest venture from SlurryKat, the Proline Folding Silage Fork is one of the newer offerings from the Irish brand

13 tines are spaced 350mm apart

The Proline Folding Silage Fork offers 14-feet (4.3-metre) working width (with larger widths on the horizon) and features a heavy-duty bottom beam silage fork fitted with six-feet Hardox 500 tines measuring 40mm thick.

In total, there are 13 tines spaced 350mm apart, which SlurryKat says is the optimum spacing for handling a variety of crops while still allowing material to flow through the fork. The upper side tines are also 40mm Hardox steel.

All the main pivots are fully bushed, including the two folding wings, which feature large pins with twin grease points. The fork folds to 2.7 metres wide and incorporates a safety lock as standard for road transport. The bolt-on galvanised spill board has a removable centre section to suit wheel loaders with Z-linkage booms.

The fork folds to 2.7m wide

Although this unit was finished in ultra-black using an acrylic-based paint, a wide range of colours can be chosen from.

The SlurryKat Proline Folding Silage Fork is available in New Zealand from Brownrigg Agri Gear Ltd.

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