SpraySmart Condor and SpraySmart Target

Video: There are many options available when looking for a sprayer. Two well-equipped middle of the range models are the 14m SpraySmart Condor and the 6m SpraySmart Target.

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Deciding on the right sprayer can be a difficult decision with so many configurations and technical levels to choose from. Options start at low-cost, simple designs for light duties and range right through to GPS-controlled, fully hydraulic, commercial models.

This month I had the pleasure of trying out a couple of well-equipped middle of the range sprayers, the 14m SpraySmart Condor and the 6m SpraySmart Target, which are imported by Hustler Equipment Hastings.

The Condor and paddock were supplied by Andrew Parker, who is farming near Atiamuri in the Central North Island. Andrew has owned the sprayer for approximately a year, and dealt to around 3000ha without having to lay a weld on it. He reported a huge increase in spraying capacity over his previous sprayer, being a trailed unit.

“It used to be a full day’s work with the old sprayer, starting early and finishing late to spray out 80ha and now with the Condor I do the same amount in an afternoon,” he says.

This was largely achieved by being able to increase the operating speed due to the smoother ride of the booms and the trick suspension system that it uses, as well as a reduced filling time because of the Venturi filling system.

“We have some pretty rough terrain on our farm and we spray quite fast at speeds of around 15-20km/h, which gives our sprayer a very hard time. Our previous sprayer’s boom snapped three times in the first season,” Andrew says.

Read the full review in the October issue of Farm Trader magazine, on sale now.



Photography: Robert Crafar

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