Stock effluent dumping prompts call for trucking companies to do better

Reports of effluent being illegally dumped from trucks in three locations in the Matamata-Piako district have prompted calls for trucking companies and farmers to improve their practices

Stock effluent being disposed of at a Waikato facility

With no information on the trucks involved in the recent roadside dumping incidents, Waikato Regional Council is unable to take further action on this occasion. However, the incidents have sparked a call from the council for stock transport companies and farmers to do better to prevent effluent from entering waterways and help keep the region’s roads clear of discharge and safe for users. 

It’s a message that’s especially important with Moving Day fast approaching. Moving Day occurs in the week leading up to and immediately following 1 June each year. It involves the mass transporting of cows and machinery around the country’s roads as farm contractors relocate themselves and their stock in time for the new season. 

In response to the incidents, Clyde Graf, chair of the council’s Environmental Performance Committee, said, “This is very disappointing behaviour, given the effort and resources that have gone into installing dump stations around the region. 

“It’s a shame a couple of cowboys are willing to smear the good reputation the industry has. Let’s hope it’s the last time we hear of it.”

Where the council has details of the trucks involved in stock effluent dumping, its compliance team will follow up, potentially with enforcement action. There are six effluent disposal sites around the region that truck drivers are encouraged to incorporate into their travel plans. Farmers are also urged to stand stock off green feed before they’re transported. 

The regional council recommends that farmers:

  • confirm stock pick-up times in advance of transport
  • move stock close to the loading ramp the day before, when possible
  • stand stock off green feed for a minimum of four hours before transport (with water)
  • use dry feed before transport because it results in less effluent

Stock effluent disposal facilities in the Waikato region

  • Tūākau sale yards stock effluent disposal facility
  • Morrinsville stock effluent disposal facility
  • Kaimai stock effluent disposal facility
  • Tapapa stock effluent disposal facility
  • Te Kūiti stock effluent disposal facility
  • Taupō sale yards stock effluent disposal facility

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