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Styx Solutions is a New Zealand company dedicated to fencing innovation and sustainability

Styx Easy Batten 7 wire with Styx 175mm Electric Fence Outrigger

Styx Solutions is a New Zealand company dedicated to fencing innovation and sustainability.

One of the many innovative products from the Styx Solutions stable of products is its Easy Batten, with the Kiwi-made farm fencing batten steadily replacing old fencing with new fencing technology.

Old fence



New Fence

Manufactured from 50% repurposed polymer destined for landfill, Styx farm fencing battens have proven to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional wooden fencing battens and wire droppers, removing the need for time-consuming and labour-intensive installation. Installing the Styx batten is a straightforward one-person operation.

No staples are required: it’s simply a matter of inserting the batten down through the wires, and then with a push and click, the battens are installed. Time required — seconds, not minutes.

Styx battens are designed for the commonly used 2.5mm diameter HT wire. The patented wire location slot and clip stops the battens sliding or moving along the fence.

Styx Easy Batten - sheep and beef fence -7 wires.jpg

The battens are lightweight and robust, designed to absorb animal impact. Electrical insulation properties allow hot wires to run directly through the batten providing additional animal security. They are versatile in coastal areas, as there are no staples to rust on the wire.

Also arriving in September 2023 is the newest fence batten capable of taking number 8 and barbed wire, adding to Styx Solution’s ever-increasing versatility.  

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