Suzuki Celebrates 25 Years with Launch of KingQuad 400

For Suzuki Motor Corporation, being 'first on four wheels' is more than a fact; it's a reason to celebrate.

 This year marks the 25th year that the company has been manufacturing class-leading four-wheel ATVs… in fact, the 25th year since Suzuki invented the farm Quad right here in New Zealand. Prior to 1983, it was the unstable three-wheel ATVs that were the norm (and inevitably, so too were the battle scars). It took an insightful Rod Coleman, the then importer of Suzuki Motorcycles, to recognise that adding a fourth wheel would give farmers a useful tool they could really rely on. The prototype was sent to Japan along with a simple note: “Make these and we’ll sell a few.”  Today, Suzuki is number one on New Zealand farms.

The 25th anniversary of Suzuki’s first four-wheeler also coincides with the launch of its latest ATV model – the KingQuad 400. Set to make its debut at this year’s Central District Field Day, the KingQuad 400 follows hard on the footsteps of the incredibly successful Eiger series, combining rugged simplicity with stylish new plastics. Sharply angled, high-clearance fenders, plus the distinctive KingQuad headlights and grille make the 400 easily recognisable as a Suzuki. A new front bumper with large-diameter steel tubing further enhances the look and strengthens the stance. And with new bodywork reducing the overall length by about four inches, the KingQuad 400 is also easier to transport.

Other features of the new Quad bike include a T-shaped seat for extra comfort, as well as new front brake calipers and a larger brake surface area for better braking performance and durability. Meanwhile, a new gate-type shift lever allows simple and precise shifting of the automatic transmission from reverse through neutral, high and low ranges. The KingQuad 400 also has a bigger fuel tank for increased riding range, improved storage access, as well as newly designed Maxxis tyres to deliver constant traction in wet conditions. 

Many of Suzuki’s proven ATV features have also been included in the KingQuad 400’s design. Available as a manual (the KingQuad 400FS) and as an automatic (the KingQuad 400AS), both versions have selectable four-wheel drive, a 376cm air-cooled four-stroke engine and a push-button electric start to get the motor running. The KingQuad 400 ATVs ride on a steel tube chassis featuring independent front suspension and a unique dual-shock swing arm rear suspension – which provides the comfort benefits of fully independent suspension. A 32mm carburetor handles the fuel delivery, while a durable shaft drive system gets power to the wheels.

With the benefit of 12 months testing a prototype 400 on a Wanganui farm, Suzuki has taken a giant step in the development process by involving the end user – a real Kiwi farmer. Stock farmer and long time tester for Suzuki Bruce Toulmin is a big believer in the value of local testing. “Its great for Suzuki to use my farm, as many of the things we ask for end up being part of the production ATV,” Toulmin said.

For more information contact Simon Meade, Motorcycle Sales Manager, Suzuki New Zealand Limited. Phone (06) 349 1208 or email

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