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Suzuki ATVs have been on the farm since the early 1980s, and believe it or not, it’s been 40 years since the first Suzuki LT125 arrived in New Zealand

The Suzuki KingQuad

Farmers were quick to spot a winning idea, and it didn’t take long for three-wheelers and farm bikes to be replaced with the more practical transport solution offered by an ATV.

For 2023, Suzuki has stepped up as one of the market leaders offering a factory-backed three-year 15,000km warranty on all Suzuki KingQuad 400cc to 750cc.

Sales manager for Suzuki New Zealand Richard Williams points out that Suzuki’s confidence in its build quality and Japanese-controlled production processes, means that the evolution of KingQuad as a brand and product deserves the recognition of a three-year warranty period. 

“Nothing makes more sense than giving our customers the same confidence in Suzuki as we have ourselves,” Richard says.

What sets Suzuki apart is the brand’s solid determination to build ATVs that work on New Zealand farms. All of the latest generation of Suzuki ATV have been prototype tested here by Japanese engineers. This experience, added to the 40 previous years of learning, means that the latest Suzuki ATV are, in fact, the greatest so far.

Times are changing and while there are few clinging to old-school manual gearboxes, once you’ve ridden an automatic ATV, it’s difficult to go back. The CVT system (constantly variable transmission) is perfect for all-day farming, providing downhill engine braking like a manual shift would. When it comes to acceleration, the CVT system keeps the engine in the most powerful torque range. 

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This reliable and low-maintenance CVT transmission has been used by Suzuki for more than 25 years and has proven itself across a range of products, including motorcycles and automobiles.

Like CVT transmission, ATV suspension has also had to develop to accommodate rider expectations. Comfort levels have improved dramatically, making long days in the saddle a much more enjoyable experience. 

Other rider features include a digital dash, selectable 4WD, full-size footboards, and mudguard over-fenders for ultimate mud protection. On the Suzuki KingQuad 500 and 750, there’s also the option of power steering, which significantly helps reduce rider fatigue.

If you’re currently finding your ATV hard riding and it’s looking a little worse for wear, then Suzuki’s current 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 offer could be just the ticket. With 5.99% finance and 24 months to pay, local Suzuki dealers can be contacted for a demo ride.

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