The Field Guide to Ford Tractors

Book Review

This is the 25th tractor book penned by prolific tractor author and enthusiast Robert N Pripps, who has had a long-standing love affair with Ford tractors.

When he finally acquired a 1946 Ford-Fergusson 2N after retiring from his job as an engineer in the aircraft industry 18 years ago, he says it was the culmination of a childhood dream.

Once the Ford was in his possession, Pripps quickly realised what a fascinating and historically significant piece of machinery it was, prompting him to dig deeper and research his beloved machine.

As a result, his first book Ford Tractors: 1914-1954 was published in 1990 and Pripps established his new career as a tractor author.

Reading this book it soon becomes clear why Ford tractors captivated Pripps so. The three point hitch set the tractor apart for the first decade of their existence. It wasn’t until the patent restrictions were relaxed and open to competition that other tractor makers adopted the concept.

In addition, the resilience of these tractors is incredible; they are highly serviceable and outshine many more recent and bigger types created by other manufacturers.

Pripps considers N-Series Fords to be in a class of their own and they are still considered to be collector’s items today.

This is his eighth book about Ford or Fordson tractors – and his last, he promises, about tractors in general.

Despite being a relatively slim volume, it contains a wealth of information including brief histories, model runs, specifications and vivid colour photographs capturing more than 90 different Ford Tractor models, from the initial Ford Auto-Plow right up to the current New Holland models around today.

The photos were shot by renowned photographer Andrew Moorland, who has collaborated with Pripps on almost all of his previous tractor books.

The Field Guide to Ford Tractors is the quintessential pocket reference guide to Ford tractors.

Retails for $45 and is available from Techbooks, 378 Broadway Newmarket, Auckland, ph 09 524 0132.

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