The new generation RDS iSOCAN Artemis

The iSOCAN Artemis is the ideal user-interface to provide intuitive operation and control, the many functions required on the modern seed drill

Variable rate technology is a growing requirement for operators to maximise efficiencies out in the field.

The iSOCAN Artemis uses a seven-inch colour touchscreen display, has the ability to run four robust electric motors as well as tube blockers, and camera interface for two cameras.


Building on the popular and well-proven PSi Artemis system, the iSOCAN version uses a Bridge Module to interface with the RDS drill-mounted CAN modules.

The iSOCAN Artemis can be supplied as standard for the Artemis drill control system or offered as an upgrade to existing PSi Artemis users.

The Artemis system continues to provide the basic monitoring functions and controls including tramlining, low hopper level alarms, fan speed alarms, and information totals (area, product used, job duration).

The pre-start facility allows the operator to activate the system by simply pressing the Pre-Start button once the drill is in position.

Calibration is easy and fast. Just press the motor priming button, dispense product into a container, weigh, and enter actual weight into the instrument. It’s also possible to adjust application rate ‘on the move’ by utilising the manual adjustment buttons on the screen.

The precision farming capability is achieved by adding an appropriate GPS receiver and loading a pre-defined seeding plan for automated variable seed rate application.

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