Tick of approval for Claas Jaguar sensor

Claas Jaguar forage harvesters has received the tick of approval from the German Agricultural Society


The dry matter yield sensor found on Claas Jaguar forage harvesters has received the tick of approval from the German Agricultural Society. 

Awarded with the prestigious ‘DLG approved’ quality mark, the sensor uses near infrared (NIR) technology to provide highly accurate, real-time measurements of the dry matter content, fibre, protein, fat, ash, and sugar content of chopped forage as it’s blown out the discharge spout. 

The sensor emits more than 200 pulses of light per second and then measures the spectrum of the reflected light. This data is then compared with a calibration model to determine the dry matter content. 

Dry matter and yield content are continuously displayed on CEBIS terminal, allowing the operator to adjust chopping length and the inoculant application rate to suit prevailing conditions. 

Claas claims the technology can accurately measure dry matter content in maize crops ranging from 20 to 60% dry matter and pastures ranging from 24 to 65% dry matter, ateven at crop flows of more than 50 tonnes per hour.

The Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes technical and scientific progress within the agricultural and food sectors.  

The 135-year-old organisation is bestknown for staging Agritechnica, Europe’s leading agricultural exhibition, and for testing dozens of machinery and farm inputs at its agricultural evaluation facility each year. 


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