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Property maintenance is high on the agenda at this time of year, with plenty of branches and other wood waste to deal with. Tiger Chippers could be the solution to creating garden mulch from your excess wood.

The Tiger range is manufactured in Auckland

Boasting 30 years’ experience in selling woodchippers, ranging from one-inch chipping capacity (with a three horsepower engine) up to 50-inch chipping capacity (with a 1200hp engine), it’s fair to say that the team at Stevens Group knows wood chippers inside and out.

Stevens started manufacturing its own range of chippers after realising with their years of experience in the market that there was a need and space in the New Zealand landscape for a Kiwi-made chipper shredder, capable of not only dealing with wood waste (such as branches) but also green waste (such as hedge trimmings/leaves/other compostable material). In other words, a purpose-designed machine built for Kiwis and all of the detritus that a lifestyle block generates. The result is the impressive Tiger woodchipper range.

Chipper knives

The advantage of a chipper shredder, over just a chipper alone, is that it has chipper blades just like any other chipper on the market, which allows it to do a fantastic job on branches. It also has six shredding knives, situated behind the knives, which results in a much more compostable material. With using a chipper only (without the shredding component), you tend to get leaves coming out of the machine whole; whereas with a shredder, leaves and other green waste come out much more processed. This allows the resulting mix to hold together better on garden beds or slopes and also prevents it from blowing around the property as much.

Shredder blades

The Tiger range is manufactured in Auckland by the Stevens Group team, where they make a range of chipper shredders of different sizes and capacities to suit most properties.

The Tiger machines are simple to pull or tow around the garden, and the discharge height of the chute is perfect for blowing directly into the garden, trailer, or wheelbarrow.

The diamond-shaped chute

All models feature reversible chipping blades and shredding knives, and the entire design of the machine is around making maintenance simple for the end user.

For more information and to see these machines chipping difficult materials such as palm fronds and other fibrous nasties, visit tigerwoodchippers.com

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