Tobroco-Giant introduces new articulated loaders

The release of the G2200 and G2500 models sees Tobroco-Giant introduce three new 2.2-tonne articulated loaders and one 2.5-tonne machine in one go

The compact wheel loaders are equipped with engines that meet Stage V emission regulations and reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Giant G2500 HD

Versatility is key, with customers able to select between three different models. Besides the standard G2200, a G2200 HD and G2200 HD PLUS can be chosen, reaching a maximum height of more than 2.8 meters and a tipping load of 1400kg.

All models are powered by a three-cylinder Kubota, 26hp engine, in combination with a hydrostatic four-wheel-drive with automotive steering. Different models use different axles.
The G2200 is equipped with six-tonne axles, which provide a pulling force of 12,600N.

The G2200 HD has the same six-tonne axles but with a two-speed transmission. This results in a higher speed and pulling force (14,300N). The G2200 HD Plus is the top model of the G2200 series.

The articulated loader is not only a heavy-duty version but is also equipped with eight-tonne axles and a planetary final drive. This results in power being divided over all wheels for more traction and gives the machine pulling force of 23,000N.


The G2500 HD operates in a higher class with an operating weight of 2.400kg. The articulated loader is equipped with a four-cylinder Kubota engine with 26hp, hydrostatic four-wheel-drive, two gears, and eight-tonne planetary axles. Together with the limited slip on both axles, this drive ensures that the wheel loader has sufficient traction (18,000N) and moves smoothly for precise operation.

The compact design of the G2500 makes it possible to work in places with limited space. The limited height of 232cm also offers the possibility to carry out work indoors. Optionally, the models can be equipped with a ROPS/FOPS, folding safety roof. This reduces the machine height with another 34cm. The G2500 HD has a lifting height of 2.96 meters and tipping load of 2050kg.

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