Totalspan barns as houses

There's something simplistically endearing about a barnhouse, which could explain why this once humble housing option is becoming a rapidly increasing trend around New Zealand.

Traditionally rural from the outside, but inside, the generously proportioned spaces and soaring rooflines afford exciting living and interior design options.

Many rural farms and lifestyle properties are opting for the barnhouse as the home of choice. Not only does the exterior design tie in beautifully to the rural landscape, but these homes can cater for a myriad of living options.

Meeting the demand is an exciting new range from Totalspan. Based on the traditional American heritage barn, the Totalspan team have developed four stunning contemporary barnhouse models perfectly suited to the New Zealand climate.

Named Summerfield, Hillcrest, Lakeside and Glenbrook, the designs range in size from 97 to 184 square metres. Like all Totalspan buildings, clients can choose from existing floor plans or enjoy a bespoke creation to suit their specific requirements.

The Totalspan barnhouse range has been strategically designed to suit a range of landscapes from beach, lakeside, farm and lifestyle block and through design and colour options, flow seamlessly in their environment.

“Our in-house team has come up with four unique styles, combining spacious family living and contemporary country styling, created to appeal to anyone wanting to enjoy the best of Kiwi country life,” says Totalspan’s general manager Leon Skylakis.

“Whether your dream is half an acre or one hundred hectares, our barnhouse range can be customised to suit your needs.”

Each Totalspan barnhouse is designed and built in partnership with Axxis Steel frame technology. Made by New Zealand Steel, Axxis Steel is galvanised, high-tensile steel specifically designed for New Zealand conditions.

In addition, Axxis Steel is non-allergenic and has been approved by the National Asthma Council.

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