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Family-owned and operated Treadway Ltd is right at home when it comes to tyres and trailer hardware

Having logged more than 40 years in the field, the company now offers a huge range of wheels, tyres, hubs, couplings, trailer kits, and fabrication services, together with the invaluable expertise that derives from their deep industry and product knowledge.

“New Zealanders are known for demanding value and quality, so we only market those brands and products that offer exceptional value for our customers,” says Treadway general manager Jordon Bill.



Treadway has long been innovators, being the first to bring in European-style mechanical override brakes for their trailer systems now known as EuroBrake. The EuroBrake system makes building, towing, and maintaining light commercial trailers simple and fuss-free with no need for electronics or vehicle pairing.

Off-highway tyres

Treadway offers a huge range of wheels, tyres, hubs, couplings, trailer kits, and fabrication services

Treadway introduced Ascenso tyres into the off-highway tyre market. Ascenso is manufactured in India and is taking the world by storm as a high-value mid-range tyre packed with innovative features. Now sold in more than 100 countries with solid distribution networks across Europe and the US, Ascenso can be seen on major agricultural equipment. Keep an eye out for Ascenso at the next Field Days.

Tougher rims for better value

The latest innovation on the block is Treadway’s new 12-inch galvanised rim paired with a 225/55 10ply tyre. It’s a direct replacement for a 13-inch galvanised rim with 195/50 tyres but boasts a massive 1150kg load rating, wider tyre, and thicker sidewalls. This new wheel is designed to take the abuse so often metered out to digger trailers.

Treadway Tipping Kit

Trailer kits

When it comes to putting a trailer together, there are essential parts that you need to know to work together. Treadway’s approach has long been to ensure their parts are bundled in a way that works best for engineers and manufacturers. Their Northland operation was recently expanded with an axle fabrication service designed to augment their customers’ production lines. New trailer kits for 2024 include the ElectroBrake range of heavy-duty braking kits for light commercial trailers and the TAG10K 10-tonne trailer kit with TVZ hubs and stubs and Ascenso flotation tyres designed for agricultural use.

Treadway Ltd ships New Zealand-wide. View the full range at treadway.co.nz.

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