Product profile: UHI Tractors

Australian farmers can enjoy a high degree of versatility when it comes to lower-horsepower tractors offered by United Heavy Industries

The 100hp UHI1004 is the largest in the company line-up

Earlier this year, United Heavy Industries (UHI) debuted its UHI454 45hp tractor in Australia, expanding its range from earthmoving machinery into tractors. Now, UHI is offering six models in this range, running from the smallest 25hp UHI254 through to the largest 100hp UHI1004.

The UHI254, designed for small-scale farmers and those managing private plots of land, comes in at 1490kg in weight and offers a 200kg rated load capacity for its front-end loader. The 45hp UHI454 has double the lifting capacity at 400kg and the 55hp UHI554 lifts 600kg, with these latter two machines the most popular in the range.

The three smaller tractors come with a simple ROPS canopy. For those who want a fully enclosed cabin with air conditioning, the 65hp UHI654 lifts 600kg, the 75hp UHI754 lifts 800kg, and the 100hp UHI1004 lifts 1000kg.

UHI business development manager James Wang says the initial 45hp tractor was so popular with customers that the wider range was brought in, with good feedback.

“The good thing about this new tractor range is that they have a heavy-duty chassis, so it’s heavier than other imported tractors in this class,” he says.

The 25hp UHI254 is the smallest in the range and has been popular with small-scale farmers

“Our target customers are small-scale farmers that are using a 25–45hp tractor. Those with more acreage go for the 65hp and above.”

He says a major draw for customers is the manual control, which he says makes the tractor easy to drive and similar to a car’s operation. James says that the ability for customers to fix their own machine or get their local mechanic in is another benefit.

“Most customers prefer this kind of configuration,” he says. “In more computerised machines, there are more electricals involved and it’s harder to identify what the issue is. With diesel machines, it’s easy to identify something that needs repairing. We provide back-up with our spare parts warehouse. Whereas with other manufacturers you may have to order parts from overseas and it can take a couple of months to get the parts here, we have the parts already available in our warehouses in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne and can quickly send these out Australia-wide.”

The 45hp UHI454 has double the lifting capacity of the 25hp model

Another key point he draws attention to is the pricing package on offer from UHI, where the tractors are sold with either three or seven attachments. This starts at AU$22,990 for the 25hp version with three attachments, running up to AU$53,990 for the 100hp version with seven attachments. The attachments include a 4-in-1 bucket, slasher, bucket, grader, stick rake, auger, and backhoe, providing a significant level of versatility for customers who may not have the space or money available to invest in a wide range of machinery.

“You can do every job – digging, slashing, using a grader or auger for fencing. Any job around the farm, you can use this machine,” James says.

“We have video instructions on the website to show a customer how to install all the attachments. They are delivered like a flat pack, so these instructions show a customer how to put them together.”

James adds that UHI has customer service officers on hand if needed, all of whom are trained mechanics.

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