Unique joystick control

Manitou takes the issue of driver control into its own hands

A growing number of driver complaints regarding occupation overuse syndrome has been addressed by telescopic handler manufacturer, Manitou.
Manitou has developed the JSM (Joystick Switch and Move), an innovative solution to driver fatigue, which allows the operator’s left hand to be completely devoted to steering, while his right hand controls the boom and the forward/reverse movements.
According to Rob Fuller, New Zealand operations manager for Manitou, the advantages of the joystick are better grasp of the lever and ergonomic design and comfort.
“The new wider and more comfortable right-arm console provides restful support meaning less muscular strain on the wrist. Muscular and skeletal complaints have become the largest category of occupational diseases, and the best known is the carpal tunnel syndrome affecting a nerve in the wrist,” Fuller says. “In 10 years, the number of TMS’s has multiplied by 13. Manitou has adopted ergonomics as a major tool in research and development of all its innovations.”
The new joystick also features a Powershift gearbox, where the driver changes gear using two controls on the JSM. The Powershuttle gear change is by a conventional lever.

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