Global machinery news: Valtra 6th generation S Series

Valtra introduced its sixth generation S Series tractors, nicknamed ‘The Boss,’ for the first time to the world at Agritechnica

All new: the latest Valtra sixth generation S Series

Designed and built in Finland, the S Series weighs in with six models ranging from 280hp to 420hp, topping off with Valtra’s largest and most powerful tractor.

The 8.4-litre AGCO Power engine and CVT transmission offer a five percent reduction in revs and up to 10% decrease in fuel consumption compared to the
S predecessor.

A new design, improved access, spacious cab, and an increased number of LED lights are just some of the new features of the sixth generation S Series. The factory-fitted TwinTrac reverse drive system and SmartTouch user interface have always been popular features with the S Series drivers.

The new S Series brings a number of upgrades, including a range of suspension options for front axle and cab, and now S Series tractors can also be fitted with Valtra’s Skyview cab option and Valtra Unlimited customisations.

Valtra’s SmartTurn automatic headland turning completes the autonomous field driving experience with four turning patterns, Part Field Mode, U-turn, Y-turn, and K-turn, which allow the driver to work the field in the most efficient way.

The S Series comes with a host of new features, including a new design, improved access, and a spacious cab

In keeping with increased sustainability, Valtra says two-thirds of components in the tractors are sourced from within Finland, and their factory runs on 100% renewable energy.

The S Series is renewable diesel compatible and will leave the factory with ‘Neste My’ renewable diesel in its tank. The smart farming technology offered with the S Series reduces inputs and time and lowers fuel consumption, making farmers’ work more efficient and sustainable.

The new S Series tractors are available with Valtra Unlimited’s popular Central Lubrication System (CLS) and a state-of-the-art sound system, including Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

The popular Unlimited View camera system also comes to the S Series. This innovative system uses cameras mounted on the tractor, a high-definition display, and advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically detect objects moving in front of the tractor and warn the driver for enhanced safety in the field and on the road. 

Serial production of the new S Series is being ramped up in the second quarter of 2024 and first deliveries in Europe can be expected in the summer.

The S Series is Valtra’s largest and most powerful tractor yet

Deliveries to regions with less regulated emission standards, such as South America, are planned to begin in the second half of 2024.

“The sixth generation S Series combines form and function in a modern, aggressive form language that conveys the S Series’ power,” says Valtra’s design department lead Kimmo Wihinen.

“The sleek slope of the bonnet gives exceptional forward visibility. As an industry-first, the S Series features a fully integrated light unit, including LED low/high beam, LED daytime running lights, as well as close-range LED working lights in the front.

“This provides an exceptionally high level of light output and gives the sixth generation S Series its distinctive look.”

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