New release: Valtra Q Series

The Q Series offers easy-to-use, intelligent machines built to handle demanding tasks with ease and efficiency


Valtra’s fifth-generation model range delivers an all-new series that fits between its popular T and S Series.

The Q Series, designed, engineered, and manufactured in Finland, is touted as the ideal tractor for large farms and contractors seeking performance and integrated smart technology in the 230–305hp range.

By combining industry-leading design, high-quality components, and outstanding aftersales support, the Q Series has the power, intelligence, and versatility to maximise productivity while driving down costs for large farms and contractors.

The Q Series offers easy-to-use, intelligent machines built to handle demanding tasks with ease and efficiency, thanks to the reliable 7.4-litre AGCO Power engine and the industry-leading AGCO CVT transmission. Operator comfort is outstanding with the large comfortable cab offering great visibility, excellent suspension, and the award-winning SmartTouch user interface.

Experience great visibility with the new Q Series cab

State-of-the-art driveline

The 7.4-litre engine features the biggest displacement in the market for this size tractor, ensuring reliability and fuel efficiency. Maximum power is available at low engine speeds of 1850rpm, while maximum torque stays consistent in the range of 1000 to 1500rpm.

The long-stroke engine easily generates the high power and torque that’s available in the Q Series. Valtra’s EcoPower principle has been applied to the entire Q Series range, further reducing fuel consumption. Maximum driving speed is achieved with only 1500 rpm.

The Q Series’ electronic transmission management automatically selects the lowest possible engine revs for the work to maintain the lowest fuel consumption and distributes the power accordingly to the hydraulics, PTO, or transmission. The operator simply adjusts the settings to whatever best suits them or the task. With droop control, the operator can change the behaviour of the tractor for even more economic or intensive operations to save either fuel or time, depending on the customer’s cost-saving preferences.


The Q is designed at the optimum weight of 9.2 tonnes and protects the soil from compaction. The maximum gross weight is 16 tonnes, which ensures a high payload. Its compact design provides a low centre of gravity, making it a well-balanced and extremely stable tractor. 

The Aires Suspension, combined with the long wheelbase, increases the pulling force of the tractor and reduces power hopping. The grip to the ground is increased, as the air suspension has a faster reaction time compared to the industry standard hydraulic suspension.

At road speeds, power is transmitted almost purely mechanically, which means fast and smooth acceleration.​ Both the cab and the front axle are air-suspended, and they are perfectly synchronised to ensure a smooth ride in any environment and temperature.

From pro to pro

Drivers will appreciate the Q Series’ all-day comfort with its air suspension, award-winning and easy-to-use SmartTouch armrest, carefully designed ergonomics, market-leading visibility, and easy-to-use smart farming features.

Valtra Connect advanced telemetry and task management enable smooth FMIS and Agrirouter integration. All smart farming features in the Q Series are controlled simply from the SmartTouch user interface. Task files can be stored so that it only takes a few swipes and taps to start tasks, while ISOBUS features provide an accurate and efficient outcome. In combination with Auto U-pilot, SmartTurn levels up the Q Series’ ease of use. With SmartTurn, the field operating experience becomes fully automated, freeing the drivers’ attention to focus fully on the implement and task at hand. Drivers can choose between automatic turning patterns to minimise soil compaction and increase speed and efficiency.

View all tractor information on the new A pillar display

In true Valtra form, the Q Series can be optimised even further with Valtra Unlimited. From upgrades to the cab or tractor colour to specialist adaptions for contracting work in the field or on the road, Valtra customers can truly tailor the Q Series to their needs to further enhance productivity.

The new Q Series can be optimised with the Valtra Unlimited automatic central lubricating system that helps ensure the Q Series is always running smoothly and avoids laborious manual lubricating. Valtra’s intelligent central tyre inflation system protects the structure of the soil in the field and optimises fuel consumption on the road. Valtra Unlimited brings safety to the Q Series with new integrated LED front work lights with balanced illumination in front and to both sides. Auto beacons come on when the speed reaches 25kmph. And when the working day is over, the follow-me-home function illuminates the yard for increased safety, as the front waist working lights stay on for a period of time when you exit the cab.

Everything about the Q Series is designed to reduce inputs, maximise yields, optimise fuel efficiency, and assist customers in fulfilling regulators’ requirements, meeting their own sustainability goals, and easily reporting them. The Q Series comes from one of the world’s most sustainable tractor factories in Suolahti, Finland, which is run entirely on renewable energy.

The first Q Series tractors should arrive in New Zealand early this year.

For more information, visit valtra.com/releasethebeast.

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