Review: Valtra T Series

The new fifth-generation Valtra T Series delivers the next level of smart technology

Distinctive Valtra styling

Valtra has introduced the latest innovative farming systems to its popular T series tractors. This fifth generation features an impressive array of new technology designed to maximise every farmer and operator’s needs.

These features aid in drivability and comfort while improving efficiency of daily operation. Placed in the large farmer and contractor size bracket, the T5 sits in the 155–271hp range, providing a great power supply for every task in a versatile size.

The proven AGCO Power engine (SISU) is continuing its stay in this range of tractors. Being one of the best engines on the market, the 6.6-litre is used in the T145 and T155 tractors. While the larger 7.4-litre engine starts in the T175 model all the way through to the T255, which has a maximum power of 271hp.

Multiple colour options to choose from

These engines perform extremely well and have great torque over their rpm range while adhering to the latest stage V emissions standards. These latest engines have hydraulic lash adjustment and a 600-hour service interval translating into lower service costs and a longer lifespan, which is critical in today’s high demanding applications.

The T5 Series sees similar transmission options to the earlier T4 series. Direct is Valtra’s CVT transmission that supplies high efficiency at all working speeds. The SmartTouch display comes standard with this transmission, which Valtra operators will be familiar with from the 4 series.

The SmartTouch interface uses an operator-friendly system where all tractor features are at your fingertips. Easy to configure and navigate, it improves the efficiency of every operator. The SmartTouch operating system is also home to the Valtra smart farming features. These include Valtra Guide auto-guidance, ISOBUS connections, section control, and variable rate applications that are prominent features in today’s increasingly effiency-driven agricultural operations.

Good power to weight for a range of applications

The Versu transmission is a five-step powershift that also benefits from the same high-tech features in cab that the Direct model has. For a more basic user interface, the active model is available, which has the five-step powershift saddled in the rear end. Improving on these transmissions are technological advances allowing the operator to set them up best for the task being undertaken.

Much of the external styling is kept the same as the T4 series, with the successful sleek modern design continued into the T5 range. Being available to order in any colour is a significant Valtra trait, which most companies make the most of when it comes to matching into their current fleet colours.

The signature pneumatic front suspension is kept for the T5 range, keeping operator comfort paramount. While a six-pillar cab is still used, Valtra’s in-cab components are laid out in an ergonomic layout and promote visibility for the operator.

New cab arrangement with controls in perfect reach of operator

The fifth generation improves on some user aspects of the machine, including a smart A-pillar information screen. A screen located on the A-pillar is becoming increasingly popular with tractor manufacturers. It clearly displays the necessary information, warnings, and transmission state all the way to hydraulics and PTO information to the operator in an unobstructed environment.

The T series has a wheelbase length of 2995 metres, which equates to great pulling, especially with that AGCO Power engine at the front equating to a well-balanced machine. This reduces the amount of ballast needed to do the same job as other machines would.

Loaders can be supplied from the factory, incorporating the loader into the tractor’s system prevents issues from arising down the track. The multi-function joystick gives you full electric control with the lifting power to more than 2.5 tonnes. The roof window aids in high visibility at the full range of the loader’s travel. Lifting to a height of nearly five metres, the largest bale stacks and silage pits will be dealt with easily. The long wheelbase on the T series gives the tractor a great stable base for loader work with a low centre of gravity.

2995mm wheelbase provides great pulling traction

The T5 series tractors have a number of improvements and technological advances over the proven T4 series. A comfier environment for operators along with the extra tech help make jobs more efficient, resulting in cost savings.

The reliable AGCO power engine produces the power and torque needed for every application, coupled with a range of transmission options to have the best set-up suited to your operation. 

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